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44kittens: Sweet Cicciolina

About: Cicciolina, one of the 44 kittens we fostered, when she was still very young. They are now 22, we managed to get good homes and responsible families to take care of the other 22.

For those who aren't familiar with this story, we feed, give love and medical treatment to a lot of cats, and have the space for it (they have their own house) because they appear in our doors, sometimes abandoned in quite the bad shape, too. :( Why people do that? And why our government (Portugal) does not give any money to fund animal support groups? Arrrgh!

Full story in: - the site is up again! :dummy:

Post-processing: Cropped and manually added a vignette (that black "border" darkening effect) in adobe lightroom.

Other shots with her:
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She's adorable! :omg: oh! And down to half of the kittens now! :#1:
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Such a sweet looking cat! those eyes are so sweet
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I love the way the face is the focus- especially her eyes. She has such a sweet face!
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:thanks: Thank you! Yes, she has!
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I miss seeing cats , even to hold one... :cry:
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Thanks :hug: :love: my cat has been in south africa for six months already.. Thanks :hug:
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Most animal support groups here receive no government support... humans also... A homeless shelter closed a few days ago, 65 people back on the street :(

I feed a couple of feral cats, I'm working hard on trying to get the tamest into the house.

I love kitties :love:
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What also upsets me are those people breeding them cats instead of just taking cats from the street with the money they spend on the breeding they could help so many! :\

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I've been offered breeders "mistakes", half siamese and half whatever randy, wandering tomcat screwed with a purebred queen :P I had a friend pushing me to buy a siamese so that I could join the stupid cat breeders club. I take cats in to STOP them from breeding and producing more unwanted kittens. Most cats I've had have been strays, runts or kittens from feral litters. I prefer underdogs.... cats :iconcutecatplz:
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Those silly persons, have nothing better to do. :no:
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Aww... So cute!
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Hufufufuh.... I can't handle it... it's too... damn... CUTE!
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