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I am mainly a writer - working on a novel called "Sons of Disobedience" and a series of short-stories taking place in 10th century Norway - but my gallery shows more of my dabbling in drawing. Outside dA, I am a teacher and a PhD candidate in Old English literature. Passionate about history and mythology, I spend my time delving into my make-believe world which I then draw and write about, for my and your dark delectation! ^^







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:bulletred: I was tagged by :icontete-depunk: to answer 10 fun and thought-provoking questions about EYOLF! :bulletred:

1. If your character (if they hail from a fantasy or previous century) listened to modern music (20th century and onward to present day), what genre/artists/bands would they like? Or dislike?

He would certainly like Nordic/dark folk like Wardruna, Skuggsja, Eivor Palsdottir because it would remind him of home. But otherwise I've a feeling he'd love the 80s, from glam rock to disco (fun and sunny, wild parties, make-up and glitter, crazy hair and pretty boyz ^^)

If your character could develop a new skill, what skill would it be?

Fighting is an important skill of his world that he doesn't master. He has bodyguards (*coughYngvarcough*) and he isn't exactly helpless, but can't actually fight.

3. If your character could take a vacation/holiday, where would they be interested in going to?

On a hot sunny beach.

4. What qualities or skills does your character believe others value them for?

His charisma and wit. He's pretty much right, but his ego is over-inflated.

5. If they lost these qualities or skills, do they fear losing their value? Or do they have confidence in their own self beyond qualities and skills?

Definitely, that would be his nightmare. He could get by because he's opportunistic, pragmatic and resourceful, but he would feel terribly demoralized.

6. Does your character draw motivation/strength from someone they care about or a cause/ambition they have/follow?

From his devotees! He wouldn't bear being alone and/or not being admired. He acts very confident but in fact he constantly looks for validation in the eyes of others.

7. Does your character believe that life follows an natural order, or do they believe they can create their own fate?

He is deterministic and believes in the “fate of the Norns”. That's one of the reasons why he believes himself so wonderful – the gods wouldn't have chosen him to overcome the misfortunes in his life and get so far if he weren't so special, right?

8. How does your character view emotions and reason?

He believes in the power of reason and that one must stay level-headed to succeed in life, but emotion heals; one must let reason sleep every now and then in order to stay sane.

9. If your character could attend a karaoke party, what would be the most out-of-character yet ironically befitting artist/song would they belt out in front of everyone?

He'd sing a musical, preferably Ursula's “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid :XD: He's not as evil as that, but he's a witch after all and he loves theatrical performances ^^

10. What commonalities does your character see from our world that they see in their own world? (Or era, if character is from our world, but from a previous era/century).  

He'd believe that people are just as likely to make themselves idols out of common things (people, products, media), and the masses are just as easily manipulated and led, in spite of the education they have access to. He wouldn't mind it though, he'd rather try to take advantage of it.


:bulletorange: I was tagged by :iconinkyrose: to answer a few questions about YNGVAR! :D These things are always fun, so here it goes: :bulletorange: 

Favourite toy growing up:

Yngvar was more interested in devices (boats, stuff with wheels, bows) rather than toys; he didn't fit in team and make-believe games (like playing “Vikings vs. Saxons”/Romans/whatever kids those days were playing). He did play dress-up by himself trying on his mother's ritual dress (she was a vǫlva/witch), so maybe that counts as a favourite plaything?

The playground bully (Playground equivalent) was:

A group of boys that kept ridiculing Yngvar for his aloof attitude and for looking girly.

Did your OC get their revenge? If so- how?

Yngvar's father encouraged (ordered) him to confront the bully and hit him. And hit him. And hit him. And he stopped a bit later than he should've. But at least he wasn't bullied again.

When your OC was young, what did they want to be when they grew up?

A mystic, like his mother.

What did your OC end up becoming when they grew up?

A famed warrior, the leader of a rebellion, and candidate to the crown of Norway.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to your OC?

His uncle took him on a journey around the (known) world.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to your OC?

The deaths of his parents and his subsequent depression.

Does/did your OC have a love interest?/ Crush?/ The one that got away? If so- who?

All of Yngvar's attempts at bonding with someone are complicated, to say the least, and pretty undefinable... A proof: he has 3 sexual encounters – one in which he feels coerced, one where he gets violent, and one that he gets into because he wants to try to “be normal” (needless to say he doesn't enjoy any of them much). The person who might count as “the one that got away” is Eyolf Solhrafn (although I'm pretty sure neither Eyolf nor Yngvar are conscious this is the case). At the present, he might have what counts as a crush on Aidan (but it's not exactly a romantic and definitely not a sexual interest). Complicated, right?

If your OC was on death-row, what would their final meal be?

Lobster and wine.

Does your OC have any allergies?

Does the sun count? Yup, the sun is definitely something that can kill him.

What would their party trick be?

Can drink a lot without showing any sign of drunkenness. He doesn't do this, though, because he thinks it pointless.

What is your OC’s biggest achievement?

Setting up the resistance against King Olaf's brutal politics.

What is your OC’s biggest regret?

How things ended between him and Eyolf Solhrafn.

One more random fact:

He's a wee bit of a masochist.

I'm not tagging anyone, but I'll gladly read your quizzes :)



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