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Another fan art of Ori and the Blind Forest. I absolutely love this game! Love Such an awesome experience. Will play it again for like the 8th time. :D (Big Grin)  Just love it and I'll probably do more fan art in the future.
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Heyyy, I just wanted to tell you that this is a very nice picture! ^^

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very, very cute!!!

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Oh I just noticed Kuro in the back!

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Ori looks so sweet, and the background with Kuro is badass ! Here is my new wallpaper :)
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Outstanding work.
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Ori looks like a rodent in this one.
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Kuro in the background is so amazingly scary. ^^ I love this!
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This pic has a magical and mysterious feel to it, almost like the game itself =D
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as soon as I spent the money on the definitive edition and the DLC. I did not regret spending that money. I LOVE THIS GAME
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I loved the game and how you were able to use the feather, some of the area you could use the feather in actually makes ori flow much smoother with the game graphics. Ori is probably the best game I've seen this year.
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the game design is REALLY REALLY GOOD
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I love the game design
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The game is awesome!!! ♥
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also yea, the game design is REALLY REALLY GOOD
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SRR, i brought this game because you say it's good, i wasn't disappoint :D
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What a cute and fantastic art of beautiful....:happybounce: :happybounce:
I just want to say thank you to draw this Masterpiece art! Nuu Nuu 
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Thank you for the kind words! :D I can't wait for the Definitive Edition of Ori to be released. Maybe it will inspire me to make more fan art when I get time. :D
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