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August 11, 2010
Suggester said: "its bright burst of colour caught my eyes as a little thumbnail and upon enlarging I was blown away. I love the blues and oranges. I can't help but wonder how much brighter one's day would be if the sun could dazzle for everyone, the way this piece does for me. It's like a definition of summer beach time."

Swivle Swerve by ~helenesse
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Swivle Swerve



Psychedelic :D
Hope ya like it, more to come :)

Done in illustrator


Just some background info about this illustration, I drew the linework the day that my father passed away. I guess it was supposed to be something like heaven-meets-earth. And that's why regarding the balance of the illustration, the upper-left is space and the lower-right is nature, which is why one corner is more congested that the other. I had colored some greens at the nature/earth side, but it was really out of place so I jus scrapped it. The end =)
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incredible...I love it!!     watch me my friend :D