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I've been putting off writing this entry. There's just so much to say with regards the Summer of Sonic con, and I'm not quite sure how to put it. Guess I'll start by summing it up ;
it was incredible!

Me and Papiyon met so many wicked people, all of whom I'd love to chat to more and see again. These included, but were by no means limited to :

:iconvioletmoonie: :icondarkspeeds: :iconshimmyshammy: :iconsiriku: :iconkithka: :iconvger:
:iconsophiostro: :iconsonicsuperstar1: :iconguildmasterphill: :icondarknoise-studio: :iconcrystal-dream: :iconlulia:
:iconomgnova: :iconj-cutter: :iconsyaming-li: :icondvolvemusic: :iconroareye: :iconturbo-xlr:

(if you met us at the con and wish to be included to this journal entry simply note me and I'll add you ASAP <3)

A demo of Sonic Chronicles was available for play, as well as a Wii display with Sonic : Secret Rings, and a Guiness Book of Game Records tourney to discover who could get the fastest time in Emerald Hill Zone Act 1. Ooooh, and all members (bear in mind this was a FREE event) were entitled to take a copy of the Guiness Book of Game Records 2008!!!! A great book it is, too, I would recommend it <3. Contains much rare trivia. For instance, I discovered, through reading it, that one of Sonic's original names was Mr. Needlemouse O_O.

I was invited on stage by the awesome T-bird. Once four others were summoned he announced why we were there ; for the Sonic T-time quiz!

Anyone who's interested in seeing how the quiz went is more than welcome to check it out here :
Part 1 :…
Part 2 :…
Part 3 :…

(Oooh that reminds me, I also featured in another recent YouTube video :… )

The highlight of the day for me (and there were many! Obviously including the quiz) must have been when I was announced as the winner of the raffle's STAR PRIZE. The star prize happened to be a Sega goodie bag (like all the other awesome raffle prizes), the only difference being this one contained the very best stuff! Among other things, inside was a BLACK NDS-LITE and a SEGA LAPTOP BAG, apparently only given to Sega employees! Here's a full list of my prizes :…
Everyone said it was luck. I beg to differ ; I'd say it was more to do with the shitload of raffle tickets I bought ;)

Here are my photos! ;…

The next day me and Han went to see Wall-E. The best Disney Pixar film I've seen, I must admit. I will concede that I didn't feel any connection with the protagonist, though, and am not convinced Eva would have fallen for him in reality if they were human. I couldn't see his redeeming qualities.
After that we went to Games Workstation, where I played Warhammer for the first time! Hannah was my opponent. She's wicked at it, but somehow that worked to my advantage as the staff were helping me out xD. I must admit its a lot funner than I thought, and I'm certainly seriously considering purchasing a lil army all of my own ^^

When my colleagues at work asked me how I spent the weekend I replied 'just chillin', hehe'. Its not like they'd have believed me if I'd told them ;)


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Glad you enjoyed it, I know I did, hehe. Congrats on winning the goodie bag! :)