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I'm doing conbadge commissions for this year's Summer of Sonic! What I'm offering is a smallish, (about A6 or so?) laminated picture of your fan character (or fursona), which I will then attach to a little keychain (a supply of which I just got in today!). The price is £4.50, although if you'd like additional badges on the same keychain (like the TallGuy example below) they'll be just £4.


I will be handing them out in person at Summer of Sonic, although if you're not going or would rather I can also mail them to you for £1 (to an address the Uk. This is a Uk only offer at the moment also).

Payments are to be made by Paypal only, and I will only start work on the badge once I have been paid in full. Its not possible to pay me on the day unfortunately.

Here are some badges I made last year :

SOS Conbadges by HelenBaby

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me! Finally, I'll be uploading photos of all the designs to my sketch account =D


Please check out my sketch account :

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Heck, I need a new keyring, my current one's broken and lost. Consider my interest interested!
(PS I'm cosplaying as Bark the Polar Bear at SoS, so that way you can recognise me)
sheezy93's avatar
my! you coming to sos11?! wow im going too ^^ you will spot me in there because i'll be donate for japan ^^
tavington's avatar
Oh I saw these last year! (when I wasn't fur suited up that is!) I'll be having an art table there this year, selling my Mega Drive pad pillows, so I'll look out for you!
HelenBaby's avatar
Cool! Do you know who was doing them last year?
tavington's avatar
No, I'm not sure who it was, sorry!
I'm hoping to be there if I can arrange everything with the organisers. I'm currently drawing Sonic characters I've actually never attempted before!
HelenBaby's avatar
thats the only way to learn! Megadrive pillows sound amazing btw <3
tavington's avatar

Tis indeed! I doodled Rouge and Shadwo at work today. I'm hoping to make a few bookmarks and things for my art table :D

Oh! I'm also going to try and trade with people too at the event with sketches if you might be interested? I can draw it before hand and trade at the event :D
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YES <3 Gimme <3 I totally want a badge done for SoS so people know who I am this year XD
marcustherocker's avatar
OOH! I'd like one done please.
HelenBaby's avatar
Sure *notes you*
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