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I feel so sorry for Luna. :( But what to say? I just wanted to draw Discord once.... maybe i will draw him more often. Like that chaos character. ^w^
MLP by Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
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LUNA NO!!  ( punches discord in the face )
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So did Celestia abandon her sister again? Only this time to Discord?
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noooo you monster stop leave my princess alone x_x,  ......
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this is excellent! very good as a villainous piece :)
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Yeah, I'd kill Discord for that, I love Luna to much! plus I wouldn't want to see Celestia sad for losing her sister twice. but good art as always!
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I like to think that the more time he spends free the crazier he becomes. I mean, that after being released in the Return of Harmony, if he had never been stopped Discord would have eventually transformed into this. It´s a stupid theory. Anyway, great pic! I just love seeing an evil Discord :dummy:
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Sycamore: A real man treats women with respect.
Luna: And that's why I like him over you discord.
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wow just wow  such depth I'm speechless beautifully done :D
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You have a knack to draw Discord looking as one hell of a villain!:XD: He looks like a pure evil mastermind here, with his bony eyes and a smile that can teal your soul. Luna looks helpless as the victim. Awesome work:D
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Its a good drawing...but its unpleasant.
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