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Hi everyone!! 
Finally it happened! me and my friend :iconjokerlolibel: made a Facebook fan page with our cosplay and other awesome stuff!) Soon we will make our page helpful for anyone who are interested in cosplay, makeup, tutorials etc. It will make us very happy if you subscribe and share with your friends! I am sure that we will all become one united family ! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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I'm not often post pictures here. Unfortunately I have little time for photography recently (Because I am studying and trying hard to become a makeup artist :3). I'm sorry for that! Very soon I will be back to my favorite work and will delight you with my photos~
If you're interested you can follow my instagram and my tumblr C: 

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Thanks everyone for birthday greetings! I'm so sorry I can't reply on all of them because I'm really busy right now :C But I'm so happy to read it! So thank all of you!! <333
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Hey guys, I need your help! 
In my town started a contest and the prize is a ticket to the premiere of the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Competition on facebook. I've got a few friends there, but I need your help! You only need to click "like" under this photo in the comments!…
I really want to see this movie! I would be very grateful for the help!!
Thanks to all who can help! <333

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If anyone is interested I have instagram : lokis_godness
There's a lot of my everyday photos (and not only them) x)
So...If someone wants to, follow me c:

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Hi,my friends!)
I want to thank everyone for your congratulations and birthday wishes!
I was very happy to read your comments!  

My new video. I'm Jared Leto xD yeap…
Hey everybody! check out my cool tumblr here:
I'd be happy to see more followers ;)
I want to show you my new video with my Harley Quinn test cosplay c:…
If you're interested, you can see my cosplay video with my Princess Bubblegum <3
Hope you like it!~…
Not a festive mood =="
когда у нас не останется времени,чтобы завершить начатое,
когда мы изменимся окончательно,чтобы не узнать друг друга,
когда мне хватит одного только слова,чтобы все разрушить,
когда-нибудь мы посмотрим на это иначе.
может быть мы станем лучше,начнем понимать чужие слова.
разговаривать,а не говорить.
осуждая других за грехи сами превратились в грешников.
это не смоется с рук вместе с горячей водой,нет.

будет слишком поздно.
я знаю.