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Because you never know what the gardener is up to...

original :paranoid: emote by ~pugz

Another spring emote! :#1:

Vote here: [link]
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In this world it's either kill or be killed Flowey icon 5 
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I knew I'd see a comment like that here.
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Aahahahaha just saw this in a chat, it's totally awesome :D
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Yay! Thank you! :hug:
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say dont suppose you have 4 against cards designs do you :P
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These absolutely rock! ...blossom!*
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:lol: Thank you! :glomp:

Oh! Hey! My stupid firewall up and decided to suddenly block all internet access for me, last night. I didn't figure out what was wrong until this morning. I was up till nearly 1:30 trying to figure it out! :crying: Anyway, in case you were wondering where I disappeared too... :paranoid:
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Wow that sucks like I do on candy canes in santa season, well, if I had candy canes any other time I'd suck on them then too but that's besides the point entirely. :hug: It's okay, the brief drought is over- must have been quite an ordeal! :lol:
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:lmao: :hug:

Candy canes are half price after Christmas. :nod:
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:chew: om nom nom nom :XD:
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Thank you! :paranoid:

Cute avatar, btw. :giggle:
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He did a great job! :lol:
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Glad caught this at [link] and a fave of course :D
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I'm glad, too! :glomp:
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That's awsome !:D
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You're very welcome :aww:
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I believe that there is a time in everyones life when they find something that makes them whole.
Life seems better, brighter, fuller when they find it and everything thereafter falls into place.

My life if now complete with :flowernoid:
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:lol: Awesome! I've helped complete someone! :iconflowerdanceplz:

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