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How carnivorous plants really attract their prey... :paranoid:

original :aroused: emote by ~playboy

Vote here: [link]
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Love this emote on MSN! X'D I liked it so much that I made one of myself. ;D \

:thumb145183832: X'D

I see an aroused garden before me. :| X'D
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Fook, it didn't work. u.u Oh well, my avatar is the aroused version of my better self. :laughing:
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Oh my goodness. :giggle:
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my favorite so far :P
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Sorry to hear about that art stealer... at least they could've been original and done something like... tree smileys
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They could have at least made their own flower and changed the colors and stuff. :bucktooth:
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Haha oh wow,
did they completely copy your flower? like... pixel for pixel?
That's just kinda sad... :shakefist:
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No, not pixel by pixel. More like, save to disc. Then they stuck an emote on it in place of it's face. :no:
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tsk tsk
I feel sorry for those people because they'll never make it as artists. It makes me wonder why they have to stoop to those levels to try to look good/cool... kinda sad
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I would say something like "Well, she's 13 and may not know any better :blahblah:, however, she has a stamp in her gallery and we'll assume she made it. In the description she says something about crediting her if you use it. She obviously knows better. :no:
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:fear: It's in heat! Run!!
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