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Welcome to HeLEMeNts-oF-ARMorY, the fan club for animations by up and coming animator Max Gilardi! Max G has a focus in cartoon animation that has delved into 3D as of his newest series "Brain Dump", and focuses on crude adult humor, while trying to offer the viewer some deeper commentary in the process. Creator of fanbase favorites such as Fazbear & Friends, Isabelle Ruins Everything, and the infamous Pony.Mov series, Max G has something for everyone and chainsaw to the face for anyone who doesn't care for it. He's Max G and he hopes you hated it!

Catch new episodes of "Brain Dump", the series where Max looks at movies for the good the bad and the ugly every Friday on his YouTube page here!… as well as on his website here

Original group description pre-11-11-16 rebranding:

This is the original and first group dedicated to the Youtube series!
Welcome to The Shed.
The Shed is dedicated to Hotdiggetydemon's awesome MLPFIM (My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic) parodies on Youtube and the artwork inspired by Max and his creations.
Helements of Armory.
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BurnBot (Brain Dump) Tsum Tsum by ToucanLDM
Goofball (Brain Dump) Tsum Tsum by ToucanLDM
Max Gilardi
HDD by MorbidMist
Brain Dump

Mature Content

Burnbot Bikini by TheBoneZoneDeluxe
Burnbot by SunnyBakedHam
brain dump by SleepDeprivedChicken
Isabelle Ruins Everything
Oh Isabelle by thegreatrouge
Oh Isabelle by TheMatrixman
Dramatis Sermo - Isabelle Ruins Everything by Madhog
Fazbear and Friends
FNAF | Fazbear And Friends...? by Myebi
Buttface McFartsalot
Jappeack in a Gym by alexeigribanov
HEY HEY HEY! What did I Say?! by MarzyRocky4
Fuck You I Can't Eat All These Apples! by Anunium
APPLE.MOV by BeliceWeasley
DRESS.MOV gif: la criatura mas bella by BeliceWeasley
DRESS.MOV gif: dat plot by BeliceWeasley
Book Worm.MOV by Culu-Bluebeaver
Fluttershy DRESS.MOV by Anunium
Flutterchainsaw by TidensBarn
What'd I Tell Y'all Bout Coming In My Shed by TheFlyingBlueQuill
Hey Hey Heeeeeeey by TheFlyingBlueQuill Fluttershy by Ana-Vanexitax
MOV Style
Sinestro Spike by Schreckengast
Minty In PONY.MOV (w/ Speedpaint!) by ForeverBunkey123
Juniper Montage, Trixie and Moondancer (PONY.MOV) by alexeigribanov
Discord MOV the giantess evil Draconequus by alexeigribanov
Spike MOV by alexeigribanov
R-Dash 5000 by alexeigribanov

Mature Content

Pony.MOV Drunken Party Queen by ItsSethJM
Your In My Shed! (EQG.MOV) by ForeverBunkey123
Wacky Games Jokez 4 Kids


Eh I struggled with the title this time. But HEY LOOK!…

Brain Dump is back, and so is someone else? Better go take a look for yourself.

Like the new look of things? What are you hoping Max G takes a look at this year? Personally I'm hoping for a sequel to the Sonic video.

BTW seems fanart is now getting noticed! Might want to break out the tablets if you're interested in getting noticed too. (Don't forget to submit them here too btw, cause I'm a lazy ass and it saves me time. ;) )
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Welcome to The Shed..

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i cant believe brain dump is a letsplay show now,, i- this better b a joke,,,,
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I imagine it is. Lately he's been doing a bit of a long term story about sort of "Going crazy" without his faithful computing companion. So it's probably building up to something.
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Can Someone tweet my fan art to Max G on Twitter Plz cause he’s pilling art for an episode.…
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Can I just say how adorable Goofball is?
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Hi HeLEMeNts-oF-ARMorY

Do you include these pictures in the  MOV Style section?
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TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I suppose technically we could, they seem close enough to the style.
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How's it going? ^^
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