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Xirena Rework
It's funny how characters evolve and change over time, isn't it? Xirena's been one of those long standing characters that I've had the worst time designing due to her personality and her unique collections of details and design choices. After awhile of thinking, working- I had settled down on this. And the artist that drew it for me. MioChin did a great job as always, with what a difficult project it really was! I'm happy with how she came out, even if we swayed from her original design choices. It came out great, and it shows the evolution of my character from what she was, to what she is now.

The choice to swap from green to gold gave us the advantage of giving her this wonderful middle-eastern feel despite how overtly scifi she feels. She looks close to a dragon in a way! But I do adore it, as my demonic, yandere entity has now changed even further from the crazy alluring individual she was, I think she has gained even more personality with each drawing and work of art she gets. That said, I'm so satisfied with this that this will likely be my final design for her. This definitely looks like the crazy homunculus who destroyed her entire kingdom overnight, and sought out to kill her creator. Either way! Thanks Mio, I'm glad that we get to work together to work on my ideas and characters. With an upcoming vacation, I might actually get around to doing some writing. . . 
Xirena character sheet. by Helba-00

Meet Xirena. Right? She's probably my longest running project. Well. I'm looking for an artist to possibly edit her design a little and give her a more finished look. Yandere, a little crazy, and an Elf who's infused with an Eldritch monstrosity that looks nothing short of cosmically, and horrifically gorgeous. So with that said. Budget isn't the issue.

The issue is I need an imaginative and creative artist that can apply their talent with her, and is genuinely interested in working on a lovely piece for her. Feel free to reply here or note me, and from there. If I like how motivated or interested you seem, as well as your artstyle? We'll get the details hashed out and work together. <3
Xirena character sheet.
This was a commission that was done for me by Alseymoure. It's a good starting point and he did a wonderful job coming up with a way to redefine her. We're getting there. but I don't think Xirena is done yet-
But I wanted to write it here, just to write it here. I like hero stories. I like those stories where characters overcome amazing odds and save the world. Characters who start small yet end up being part of something bigger. Characters who seem bulletproof yet are easily taught how human they are. Characters full of passion, enthusiasm, and dreams. And all they can do is step forwards. One foot at a time. Making their way through their world and paving their own path. One step at a time, and making friends, making partners and finding reasons to carry on even the most bleak of moments. There will always be these images in my head that I'll never be able to entirely describe, but they create a powerful image. And I hope to continuously develop Helba into this chivalrous hero in a day where chivalry is dead. A character who I'm proud of, a character who holds all these ideas and beliefs and makes them into so much more. So. Maybe with time? I'll write a hero story I'm proud of. I'll make a character who learns to overcome those odds and continuously finds a way to stand on her own feet. Yet, a character who's surrounded by people who make her stronger, people who she forms a warm relationship with and finds herself her own happy ending.

I just feel like writing. So, I'm writing. Thanks to anyone who's out there reading.
A small writing based off a scene in my head- It takes place from the perspective of Helba after what seemed like a long battle. I'm bored and write erratic things when I'm bored.~

I can't believe I was so foolish. I can't believe that I truly thought I could save them all. That through this fighting, through this warring, through all my arrogance that I had the strength to carry the burden that weighed upon their shoulders.

I'm falling deeper, slipping, as I gaze up at the glossy surface of the water, the moon seems to distant, flickering in the waves as the sound of water bubbling fills my ears. Deeper and deeper I fall, deeper and deeper into this waiting darkness. Was this defeat? Was this what it was supposed to be all along...? The question rang in my head, and I slipped, my hope-filled pink eyes growing dimmer as I gazed up at the remains of my arm. One whole, the other? A mess of oil and piping, coolant spilling out. I could even taste oil in my mouth, the pain of my body wracking me entirely.

Helba.... He-(The static filled my ears as Celeste tried to reach me.) The darkness was all encompassing. What does it mean to be the protector? What does it mean to be the guardian when it was all a lie? I could feel my core giving out, bubbles fizzing around me as the remains of my body cooled off further.

Do- n't gi- ive up. The-ey nee-eed yo--u. The static rang in my ears, how could I stand a chance? Alva- Helena... They were made better than me, and these odds... The remains of my body. How could I? But then I saw it. Those faces. Valencia. Zefayra. Yuki. The world would be consumed. What Hero would I be if she gave it all up? Sparks rippled in the water. I could feel the warmth of my core coming to. Spinning and gyrating, the gear-like motions of my soul filling me with a renewed purpose.

The stupid smirk met my lips. And just when I wanted to give it all away- I was reminded why I'm here. Why my body is tattered and ruined. That's right. That's right. I could feel myself growing warmer, heat turning into steam as it met the salty water. Give it your all. Do everything you can. Go further. Further... Water filled my ears and I reached upwards with my remaining arm. Hand splayed outwards- and there another was. At the surface of the water. The distant cries of those who cared about me. I will not be swallowed. I will not give up. I will protect that which I've come to love. I'm Helba, I'm the Guardian of this Planet, and I won't let myself be beaten.


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Heyo. I've decided that I'm going to start posting some of my model kits and things that I paint up here from time to time. I've been doing this for...4 to 5 years now? And I just wanted a platform so I could drop them in and show them off. If you like them, great. I don't plan on doing commissions anytime in the future though.


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