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Don't feed the Yao Guai!
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Anyone still here...?

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Check it out on youtube!

Witch Doctor Summons Diablo

I will do another one soon based on your suggestions from the last journal :eager:

Also you may have noticed the MACHINIMA logos in the vid. This is my debut as a director there! Please support me by spreading the word!

And thank you, Radutron , for making the awesome background music just for this video!

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The video is done...

Thank you for the feedback! I will tell you when it's posted!

Until then, here's a little Diablo feature:

Diablo 2012 by ArtofTy:thumb288028313::thumb272014351:
Diablo - Rejuvenation Potion by EsaNany Diablo mini story - 1 by daxiong
Demon Hunter by YngvarAsplund Diablo 3: Demon Hunter by MaxGrecke Monk by YngvarAsplund

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Good evening everybody!

Radutron Promotion
Please have a look at Radutron's new EP teaser, it made me chuckle so much when I saw it:

I made the cover for it - look here if you haven't seen it before:

I'm really looking forward to when it'll finally be released. It's going to be free for download and I'll keep you posted about it.


You know what? I've tested the Intuos 4 and the Cintiq 12wx at work but I've gone back to a Bamboo A6:)

 I'm so used to it everything else seems like a hassle to me. I accidentally touch all the wrong buttons on the Intuos, my hand has to move too much around and starts hurting, and what is worst I completely messed up on the Cintiq because I really don't find it precise enough to work on the screen that I also have to look at. it's not as direct as I thought it would be - after calibrating it about ten times I still touch it too much right or left from where I want to draw. I'm not professional enough for professional tools, haha!

What sorts of tablets are you guys using?
Anyone out there who feels the same as me about tablets?

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Looks like I am soon going to be a full-time illustrator:D Wish me luck for the new job!

Plus, scroll down to see what were the results for other artists in my Google image search game! There are still open spots to be included in my journal.

So... I tested google image searches (not quite so) new function to search BY images.

How reverse image search with Google works

Click the camera icon in the image search bar. Then, you can paste the URL of a picture the image search will list all the websites where it finds your picture. That's nice, but not so fun when you find your artwork stolen somewhere. So don't do that unless you want to ruin your day.

The Game

Let's do something else:

  • Use Google image search.
  • Click the camera icon
  • Paste your artwork's URL into the image search bar.
    You retrieve the URL from right clicking your picture and select to copy image URL.
  • Now check the option to find "similar pictures" on the left side.
  • Look at the first page of results and tell me what you see!

It's interesting, because it will tell you something about the different uses of your color scheme.

My results

Here's what google image search found "similar" to my pictures:

Mature Content

Is that a rocket? by hel999
- Cars, more cars, garages, video game scenes

Mature Content

Freetime in Novac by hel999
- Cookies, cupcakes, sweets, dough, popcorn! Lots of food, a puppy, a bunny, a camel, a cow.
Tenpenny Daily Life by hel999 - Churches and museums. Many photos from India, Africa and Asia... and lions!
Svanhvit by hel999 - Babies! Lots of babies! More babies. People in bed or hospital, people getting massages or beauty applications.

Other people's results

Dev ID 2: NCR and Proud by jessdel by jessdel - lots of people in action, chocolate, anime pictures
:thumb216542369: byRenegadeCharles - many Asians in front of red background and OMG BARNEY STINSON! HE'S AWESOME! And he seems to be special guest in one big chairman mao lookalike meeting.
by DemonShiro - parties, candlelight, people in bars, and some strangely dressed people holding a banana
The Enemy by Parapsychologist by Parapsychologist - skeletons, a viper, a black and white cat, a car, an Ashford and Simpson album cover
:thumb186679113: by Melenea - landscapes, horses, cows, people doing capoeira, mountains & motocross pictures
Warlock by Lyraina by Lyraina - strangely dressed people, costumed people and band photos / stage performances

I think you could even start drawing some conclusions about the symbolic qualities of certain color schemes from this. I think it's worth reflecting.

Now play with me! Post a link to one of your artworks below and write next to it what the similar images were displaying.

I'm curious! If you participate I'll feature your artwork in this journal.

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