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Looks like I am soon going to be a full-time illustrator:D Wish me luck for the new job!

Plus, scroll down to see what were the results for other artists in my Google image search game! There are still open spots to be included in my journal.

So... I tested google image searches (not quite so) new function to search BY images.

How reverse image search with Google works

Click the camera icon in the image search bar. Then, you can paste the URL of a picture the image search will list all the websites where it finds your picture. That's nice, but not so fun when you find your artwork stolen somewhere. So don't do that unless you want to ruin your day.

The Game

Let's do something else:

  • Use Google image search.
  • Click the camera icon
  • Paste your artwork's URL into the image search bar.
    You retrieve the URL from right clicking your picture and select to copy image URL.
  • Now check the option to find "similar pictures" on the left side.
  • Look at the first page of results and tell me what you see!

It's interesting, because it will tell you something about the different uses of your color scheme.

My results

Here's what google image search found "similar" to my pictures:

Mature Content

Is that a rocket? by hel999
- Cars, more cars, garages, video game scenes

Mature Content

Freetime in Novac by hel999
- Cookies, cupcakes, sweets, dough, popcorn! Lots of food, a puppy, a bunny, a camel, a cow.
Tenpenny Daily Life by hel999 - Churches and museums. Many photos from India, Africa and Asia... and lions!
Svanhvit by hel999 - Babies! Lots of babies! More babies. People in bed or hospital, people getting massages or beauty applications.

Other people's results

Dev ID 2: NCR and Proud by jessdel by jessdel - lots of people in action, chocolate, anime pictures
:thumb216542369: byRenegadeCharles - many Asians in front of red background and OMG BARNEY STINSON! HE'S AWESOME! And he seems to be special guest in one big chairman mao lookalike meeting.
by DemonShiro - parties, candlelight, people in bars, and some strangely dressed people holding a banana
The Enemy by Parapsychologist by Parapsychologist - skeletons, a viper, a black and white cat, a car, an Ashford and Simpson album cover
:thumb186679113: by Melenea - landscapes, horses, cows, people doing capoeira, mountains & motocross pictures
Warlock by Lyraina by Lyraina - strangely dressed people, costumed people and band photos / stage performances

I think you could even start drawing some conclusions about the symbolic qualities of certain color schemes from this. I think it's worth reflecting.

Now play with me! Post a link to one of your artworks below and write next to it what the similar images were displaying.

I'm curious! If you participate I'll feature your artwork in this journal.

© 2011 - 2021 hel999
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lord13's avatar
aha nice game, with this one [link] i get lots of red haired women and warm red and orange portraits...kinda obvious lol
withthis one [link] i get pictures with lots of jars of food, strangely
and finally, this one [link] gets a knight, the virgin mary and other religious imagery
strange indeed...the food jars threw me a bit ... ha ha
fabianfucci's avatar
It also works by dropping an actual image into the search field.
hel999's avatar
Oh, really? That's neat!
fabianfucci's avatar
And filter only faces, to name an example. ;)
peileppe's avatar
Nice game - I checked [link]
and the google visually similar result is [link]
not bad!
Lolktnx's avatar
G'luck on the job :)
Lakritzwolf's avatar

I checked this one, and I got loads of black and white portraits of people... but the first pics were of a man's naked back, covered in tatoos... ?
GenkoFox's avatar
Didn't GTA Gay Tony/etc have a google thing in their game?

I know it's a bit off topic, but I had to bring it up. Having the whole 'Game' And 'google'
having been said.
hel999's avatar
GTA IV only had this really crappy version of the internet where you could date psycho chicks and send emails to your mom. I don't think there was a search function, didn't play Gay Tony though.
GenkoFox's avatar
It's been a while since I've played Five, Gay Tony has a very small search I think- only surrounding what's in the game like food companies or online dating or such.
I actually got some phone numbers online and called it in on the cellphone. :0 It worked!

However, this is pretty intresting- I had no idea there was stuff like this out there with google.
Parapsychologist's avatar
I chose a darker image of mine: [link]

And I got skeletons, a viper, a black and white cat, a car, an Ashford and Simpson album cover... :O
hel999's avatar
Haha, so the first results kind of reflect the mood you wanted to achieve, I guess:) Cool painting by the way! I've included it in my journal.
Parapsychologist's avatar
Pretty much! And thanks! :highfive:
Melenea's avatar
cool idea :D I did this, too ! With this Artwork of mine --> [link]

And there were a lot of landscapes, horses, cows, people doin capoeira, people just do nothing special, mountains, lots of motor cross pictures ;)
hel999's avatar
I guess all the outdoor activities (and maybe horses, too) are because of the green grass you have there. Interesting results! I'll include yours in the feature now.
Melenea's avatar
Yeah I think so, too ... thanks very much :D
JurgenDoe's avatar
Yeah .. mein Paint Dancer Wallpaper and mein Unofficial Windows 7 Wallpaper ist über das ganze Netz verteilt :(
hel999's avatar
Oh nein! Die Suche darft Du nicht so machen - davon wird man depressiv! Von mir finden sich auch immer noch Bilder die ohne meine Erlaubnis als Poster auf Ebay verkauft werden:/ Abmahnungen werden später verchickt, heute musst Du nochmal bei "optisch ähnlichen" Bildern gucken und mir die witzigsten Resultate melden:D Bitte!
JurgenDoe's avatar
Nagut werd ich mal machen .. mit den Paintdancer habe ich das schon aufgegeben da die meissten in Ländern sind die einen Scheiss darum geben wovon sie klauen :)
Lyraina's avatar
Interesting, googled quite some images! With this one: [link] I got loads of ... extremely strange dressed people - I didn't think my warlock's would look THIS weird in reality!

Searching my self portrait was quite depressing though - got strange faces, faces painted on a back, wooden masks... would have preferred lots of pretty girls :P
hel999's avatar
Well, I just tried it and I think you got a lot of costumed people and band photos:) I've never had band photos in my results before. Well, because you have a lot of vibrant reds and blues and high contrast and that's what you often have in stage performances.
I think the monochrome and muted colors of your self-portrait creates those "depressing" results, as google seems to mostly search by color scheme.

It's really interesting. May I feature one of these in my journal?
Lyraina's avatar
Right, that sounds like a good explanation!

Sure, whatever you like :) Thanks!
Lyraina's avatar
*my warlock's dress
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