Radutron Promotion and Tablets

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Good evening everybody!

Radutron Promotion
Please have a look at Radutron's new EP teaser, it made me chuckle so much when I saw it:

I made the cover for it - look here if you haven't seen it before:

I'm really looking forward to when it'll finally be released. It's going to be free for download and I'll keep you posted about it.


You know what? I've tested the Intuos 4 and the Cintiq 12wx at work but I've gone back to a Bamboo A6:)

 I'm so used to it everything else seems like a hassle to me. I accidentally touch all the wrong buttons on the Intuos, my hand has to move too much around and starts hurting, and what is worst I completely messed up on the Cintiq because I really don't find it precise enough to work on the screen that I also have to look at. it's not as direct as I thought it would be - after calibrating it about ten times I still touch it too much right or left from where I want to draw. I'm not professional enough for professional tools, haha!

What sorts of tablets are you guys using?
Anyone out there who feels the same as me about tablets?

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I use Genius tablet 8x6, it is not even a Wacom, but it works fine for me and it is affordable for my budget. I personaly hate pressure sensitivity too for some reason so I have no use for anything expensive. Also I have seen pics on proffesional level done with it so if my own works are not good it is not because of the tablet. :D
But at the end tablet is just a tool. Every good one will do.The rest is up to the artist and the skills he /she has.:) IMO also it depends mostly what one feels comfortable with.
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I use and old Graphire 4 Classic XL - they don't even produce those any more, haha. And XL merely means A5 lol.
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Na dann ist es immerhin die doppelte Größe von meinem:)
Die haben mir jetzt bei der Arbeit erstmal ein Bamboo Pen geholt. Das Blöde ist, dass ich auch noch gezwungen bin mit nem MAC zu arbeiten und ich den Mist nicht installiert bekomme. Gott, ich fühl mich wie die letzte Anfängerin;) Bei meinem alten Bamboo hat es noch geklappt:/
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Haha, mir würd's nicht anders gehen. Hatte nie nen Mac und würde wahrscheinlich auch erstmal verzweifeln. XD
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I'm using the bamboo pen and touch which I believe is A5 in size, however I have two monitors so the active area when drawing is effectively halved :3
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Ah, pen and touch... I have a question about that one: Do you really use the touch functions? I was thinking about getting one of those for work, but I decided for the pen only, because I thought I'd switch the touch thing off anyways (if that's even possible?)...
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yeah it has one of the four hot keys set to turning the touch off by default so you lose some functionality there already. You really don't use the touch function at all mainly due to the surface being too big, which sound strange but you need to make big movements with your hand to move the cursor in comparison to a tracker pad on a laptop, I get pen and touch because I'd be using it with my laptop almost every day and thought it would be useful, but it turned out to be a pointless gimmick, I'd definitely opt for pen only in the future.
The worst thing is if you just plug it in to draw quickly without turning the touch off it defaults on and depending on how you rest your hand it can have massive interference with your strokes before you realise what is going on >.<

sorry for the short essay, I'm very lacking in sleep which makes me talk too much
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The Cintiq must be lovely. I use a Wacom Graphire 4 (I know... Old, but it works!)

But I might get what you feel if I get a new tablet. Transitioning must suck...
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Yeah, transitioning sucks. I don't want change! Change terrifies me! ;) And the Cintiq really wasn't as lovely as I expected it to be...
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I heard you can work everywhere with the Cintiq, though.

Change sucks sometimes...
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Haha I guess that thing is too big , I use a old small bamboo it seem better than the newer design but that is just me :D
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No, it's not just you! I'm the same! My old Bamboo never disappointed me:)
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