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Witch Doctor Summons Diablo

By hel999
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Painted this in about 2-3 hours in Photoshop CS5 for a timelapse you'll find on youtube:


This is my debut as a director at Machinima and I'll be doing more like this soon! Support me by spreading the word!

Diablo III belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.
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love her loincloth
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This might be possible..
I met Fire's spirit beside a fire at midnight in a quiet forest, that I thought was deserted..  I actually got my mind focus right into Fire's spirit and personality.. I got into the first two layers of personalit factors/facets..  Seems Fire is alive..  It taught me how to control my IR & UV vision..  But my trance meditation was broken wen a camping retired cop shot a high powered rifle into the night air from a couple hundred feet from me..  I heard the bullet whiz by about 30-feet from me, and smack into a tree...
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This is AWESOME!!! I love it!!
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:clap: Enchanting... :love: :heart: :)
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nishagandhiHobbyist Digital Artist
I have featured ur work in my blog!!
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Awesome picture and thanks for the timelapse!
I am playing D3 myself now (well, not right now, servers are down again as it seems), but then again who is not? :B
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RecycledheroStudent Artist
Bitchen, your always up on the times miss.
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XsoreProfessional Digital Artist
That's really awesome and amazing that you made it in such little time. I'll be sure to watch your YouTube videos, because I'm really interested in learning how to paint my drawings in a similar style.
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ObscuroArcanumProfessional Digital Artist
This is beautiful, but to watch the video of the process, watching the image as it takes shape from a blank
canvas to this is just awe-inspiring. :clap:
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ShmoryGilmoreHobbyist General Artist
Amazing! :iconimsrspervplz: I love it! :heart:
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SavageHazelsStudent General Artist


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Awesome. :squee:
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ZhaanmanHobbyist General Artist
Man I love how you layer out the flames to create the look of the creature and that glow Brilliant!! I Love that paint brush look and the style to her look as well!
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really beautiful
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This is beautiful :D I'm defs going to be playing as a witch doctor :)
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jessdelHobbyist General Artist
I saw the speedpaint... It's really incredible on how fast that went!
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The magic of timelapse, hehe...
I always find it funny how well planned out and easy everything looks in timelapse when actually you were just doing trial and error plus a lot of cursing and ctrl-z, haha!
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jessdelHobbyist General Artist
I know, you don't see the frustration when you look at a timelapse. Or how tired the artist is if it was done in one go!
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SlayerXienaProfessional General Artist
So lovely~!
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Thank you!
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SlayerXienaProfessional General Artist
Welcome ^.\\

So you been playing #3?
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Have you?
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Not yet, unfortunately:/
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SlayerXienaProfessional General Artist
Awww, do yo own it?

no but only cause I don't own it yet and
I have no space on my computer to play it t.\\
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