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Vault Runner



Inspired by THAT GUN :dummy: Come on, we knew he would search for it.

I based Deckard on a Blade Runner screenshot, which unfortunately was very blurry, I guess you can still see that here because I just couldn't figue out the details of his face too well. The rest of the picture is mostly from mind (the lighting killed me), with a few Fallout screenshot references. Plus lots of textures from cgtextures.

My fan art has a Creative Commons license. You may upload it elsewhere but you may not change it or remove my signature. No commercial use, or you might get problems with me and Bethesda. For better resolution click download.

Fallout New Vegas is (c) Bethesda Softworks. Blade Runner is probably (c) Warner Bros. / Phillip K. Dick.
I hope my version is tolerated by the copyright holders.

My other Fallout fan art:
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You need to do a new version, with the sole survivor and curie or female the sole survivor and Nick Valentine.