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The Star Effect: Blasphemy



OMG, what have I done?!

Well, I got a request from ~Camelcommander back in February along the lines of "What if Shepard from Mass Effect destroyed the Death Star?" and I finally managed to finish it.

But why did I bring HER into it?!! Now my boyfriend accuses me of desecrating Leia and doesn't talk to me anymore. I'm afraid I will be eaten by angry Wookiees in the internet!

But see, they won't kiss: This Shepard goes the paragon path and princesses prefer scoundrels - or nice men? - wait, I'm confused... They DON'T kiss, got it?

I've painted this in Photoshop CS4, except for the dialogue wheel which I got from [link] also got some references from screenshots (Mass Effect and Star Wars) and this [link] one for the Normandy (SR2) - I know I messed it up, still need to get used to painting technical stuff. Also the light is far from great. But yeah, after some time you need to stop fixing things and move on.

Mass Effect is (c) to BioWare and Star Wars to Lucasfilm. I hope they tolerate my interpretation.
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