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Tenpenny Daily Life



First of all, I just want to say thank you for all the views, comments, faves and downloads (more than 4000!) I got for my "Tenpenny Babe" deviation. Thanks to all the sites and blogs that featured it, especially ~Camelcommander's Rampaged Reality where it was posted first and Kotaku which probably made it so popular. It's a great motivation to keep on painting and providing you with... uhm "geek eye candy" - is that what they said? ;)

So maybe you know this girl already. It's my Fallout 3 character Jinx Jones trying out the effects of the new painting bobblehead.

I don't own one unfortunately. So tried my best with what I have (in Photoshop CS4 and MyPaint). No direct references were used. I had to look up the designs of some of the props however, but I had to turn them in my brain's 3d software (it's buggy sometimes so tell me if you spot mistakes, please tell me) and adapt lighting, perspective etc. I didn't even look at the original objects while painting but closed the browser again and only painted what I remembered. So everything is a little "customized".

What you probably aren't able to see now is that the little note at the terminal computer is the construction recipe for her headphones:) They give +1 charisma but -2 perception. Which can be good at times. Her taste in nightwear might be bad, but don't worry about her taste in music.

Well, enjoy this other side of Jinx and look forward to some Fallout New Vegas fan art.

Copyright of Fallout 3 belongs to Bethesda Softworks. This artwork is intended as a sign of appreciation of their work and I hope it is tolerated:)

I create my fan art for other fans so I put a Creative Commons license on this and allow you to download it in a big size. Before you upload it elsewhere just make sure you don't change it. Never ever use it commercially and always mention me as the artist and try to link to my dA profile / artwork page. This especially goes out to all the ebay sellers out there!

P.S.: Have you already spotted the vault bikini?

My other Fallout fan art:
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Lofi beats fallout edition