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'Shhh... We're hunting...


Rose of Sharon Cassidy

So this is Cass from Fallout New Vegas and ED-E.

Done in ArtRage and Photoshop, trying to develop some speedpainting technique. Now this is the first time that I actually enjoyed painting a background. And I'm also quite proud of the whole result considering that it's quite a different approach than my usual. I think all in all it took me 2-3 hours maybe?

Now you can download it full size! I use a Creative Commons license, that means you can do whatever you want with it in private (print for yourself, use as desktop wallpaper etc.), but when you publish it (meaning upload it in the internet or use it in non-commercial printed products) you may not make any changes to it (if you'd like to make signatures, wallpapers etc. with it ask me BEFORE you do it) and you must credit me as the artist and link back to this deviation page. No commercial use allowed. It's fanart and neither you nor me would have the right to it, 'kay? If someone does, Cass will come to kick your ass - or Bethesda and their lawyers. The download file is huge, so beware!

Copyright of Fallout New Vegas and it's characters belongs to Bethesda Softworks.
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You forgot her beautiful mustache

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This is great, she looks just like in the game!  Well done!
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Very cool. I always like to use Cass as a follower.
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Funny thing, I always get these two every time I play!
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Cass is best follower :D
TsunamiInThermos's avatar
my favourite character in FNV!
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I love Cassidy..and so did your work!
star500's avatar
Its beautiful.
Soldatino's avatar
Wow! i love it! wonderful style and colours
OniVrask's avatar
Cass! Love having her as a companion, and not just for the alcoholism either. <.<
chaos-sandwhich's avatar
this is amazing, perfectly captures the mojave , and you even got the redness on the cheeks too

i like cass shes a cool character, has a lot to say, which is nice, while boone is a machine when it comes to combat, hes not very talkative
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this is my team too!
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I love the oil-painting matte look you gave this one! It has an old west feel to it, the way that Rose of Sharon would tell this story. =) It's great.
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Very nice! Good job!!!
Nazgul34's avatar
hunting deathclaws yay
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Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting shitheads.

Huh huh huh huh huh.
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Wow this is beautiful!!! Such a great picture! And Cass is awesome!!
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Stunning art :meow:
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