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Freetime in Novac

By hel999
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(And the lighting killed me as well.)

I had this in my unfinished files folder for sooo long. At one point I was ready to just delete it. That's what happens if you start from a crappy sketch, the 10 minutes you save in the beginning turn into 10 hours you add at the end.

Now I just did what I could to save it. Could've done more maybe, but I also have some commissions to finish. This month is going to be busy.

Constructive critique is very appreciated!

And yeah, this is Cass from Fallout New Vegas relaxing on the bed in Novac and wearing some kind of... custom armor.

CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE -you can reupload, but:
Don't use for any commercial purpose.
Don't share without attributing me and linking back to this page.
Don't modify (e.g. crop out a part).

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS IS (C) BETHESDA SOFTWORKS - I hope they tolerate my interpretation.

My other Fallout fan art:
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Great work, I was randomly reminded of this art piece by a pic of Triss Merigold lying in a similar pose. Glad to see Rose of Sharon Cassidy is still here, even if she was a judgemental turd that wouldn't let me be as evil as I wanted.

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I haven't been online here in years, signed on just to make this comment. See y'all in another decade or so. ;P

This is simply a wonderful piece. I just love all the little details from the gentle glow of the Nuka Quartz to the sugar bombs on the bed to the easter egg painting of the Mirelurk egg or is it a Deathclaw egg? Will say though Cass, thats a strange place to keep your "missile" :D
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dear god! ...your work is amazing! :o
ckosacranoid's avatar
not bad, something amusing to see someone just letting thier hair down even during and after the end of the world.
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I like it, although imo it would've been better if both boots were kept on instead of one
MsPixelicious's avatar
can almost hear cliff peddling his dino-toys as i sit and view the Long d.Johnson homage too WOW ...but thats gotta chafe..hehhehehehChiyo wow Icon 
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Absolutely gorgeous
So hot, she can warm up a nuclear winter ! 
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Absolutely gorgeous
mojaveraider's avatar
LMAO!! I remember seeing this on facebook! Classic! XD!
Dude, I cannot for the life of me understand why you would dislike how this turned out.
Nazgul34's avatar
i can just imagination the courier walks in and is all like oh umm wrong room but just stops to stare at that ass lol 
Absolutely love it. My next wallpaper :)
truly amazing bit of work. you have SO much talent!
*enters in the room*

+ Chess, what are you doing?!

~ Enyoining my birthdat suit, want to join?

+ emmm... Yeah sure... Why not?

*strips naked and get on the bed with her*
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More like *gets in bed on her*
How long did it take you to draw this?
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This is awesome.
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Novac, one of the best bases of operations I've seen yet!
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The level of win...IS UNPARALLELED, someone give this artist a cookie.
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