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December 26, 2010
Face Drawing Tutorial by =hel999 A highly detailed yet easy to read tutorial to help you understand drawing faces and the anatomy of a face.
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Face Drawing Tutorial

Hey! I've finally decided to make a tutorial:D Well, I already had some of the material so I just needed to assemble it.

It's about drawing faces. I've made a lot of traditional portraits in the past (can't really show you much here because they belong to the people who commissioned them and I don't have their permission and sometimes I just didn't take photos). Because of that some people came and asked me how to draw faces and wanted to take "lessons" so I had to start thinking about how it works. Now I took the time to put it all together for you in a nice tutorial. It's not the invention of the wheel but it may be helpful for some.

I used my own traditional and digital drawings plus some free ressources from wikimedia commons, and .

P.S.: Click "download" for correct size = clear text.

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So, I gave this tutorial a spin with just a pencil and a sketchbook, and I've got to say, it's doing wonders for me!  There's just so much I want to say about this, but I'll just leave it at, "I appreciate this, and I love your notes off in the margins!".  Thank you kindly!
Good morning,

Your tutorial is awesome. Could we translate that and publish on our store blog ?
We have great french community

Have a nice day :)
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This is SO helpful! Thank you so much!!
dixiekasilke's avatar
Very concise and helpful! :D 
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How do you erase the circles without taking away your progress? I never know how it is done.
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I love the face perpective part. Thank you so much!
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Great tutorial, simple and easy to understand!
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Thanks for this, just wanted to ask, this site, do those models lag/load forever for you too or am I just missing a plug or something?
majestic-glory's avatar
this is a godsend!! i've only just started doing proper realistic portraits for friends and family and although they turn out ok there was always something missing. I think this is going to help me immensely 
This is the best tutorial for drawing the face.
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Thank you so much for this. It was explained in such a simple way that I feel I can make a face. This has been extremely helpful to me.
fuzen9kirai's avatar
Thank you so muchhh for sharing this
i can draw a realistic face right away!
AkiHiroArt's avatar
This realy helpt me ty!
Derkna's avatar
Very helpful thank you very much!
MangaMyLove01's avatar
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niiice! Thank you very much :D
PeaTree-Creations's avatar
This is brilliant! I'm taking a human life drawing course, and we're focusing on the human face now, and I'm having a difficult time. This tutorial is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing!!
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Thanks for this! :)
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"Between the eyes there's almost enough space for a third eye, and between eye and the side of the face theres space for about half of an eye."
"Below the circle add about the radius of the circle (3). Horizontal line at 1/2 is for the eyes."
"The eyes form a triangle and they're about one eye-profile-size away from the bridge of the nose."
THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SO MUCH! :love: I've been looking for guides like those for AGES!
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I love you. SO MUCH. For this.
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This is an awesome piece of work. Thank you!
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