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Anurash, young version

Am I now one of those deviants who have OCs?

Nah, don't expect me to draw too much like this. But from time to time I have ideas about storylines that come with certain main characters and when I don't know what to draw I pick one of them to find out how they'd look if I try to paint them. Sometimes I give them names, sometimes I don't. This character has another version that is older and will look a bit... different. If I'll find the time I'll paint that version as well.

Real reason why I did this is because I decided that my gallery didn't have enough good looking men:)

Excuse my long times of absence from dA lately. I didn't forget my watchers, it's just the lack of time.

Galaxy in the background from NASA, texture from cgtextures.
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fantastic drawing and story! :clap:
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Nice one wow!
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He's amazing, and I love his background story! XD
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This is pretty good! Perhaps you could have worked some more on the neck and collar bones, but the face is excelent!
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Thank you very much! I had to finish this quickly in a few hours, I wish I had more time to make it perfect. You're right about the neck. Maybe when the other version is done I'll work out the details in this one as well.
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Haha, don't worry about it. I usually take a helluva lotta time to paint something so I can understand not having time for sthng. I start out correcting every little detail and by the time I'd get something done I muck it all up cause I decide something wasn't satisfactionary. Thus- a heap of unfinished things and half a**ed backgrounds I get bored of XD
I also deny using any references (stupid pride! Grr) just in the most dire situations, so I oftentimes fail propotions and redo the whole thing ^^ At least I mostly realize it XD
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THAT is AMAZING!!! Especially the eyes and lips! It's people like you and sakimichan that I look up to in the art world. (aside from the artist for deathnote :D)
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Thank you so much! I'm a great fan of sakimichan too! I think I still have a lot to learn compared to her.
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... I think we all do -___-;
she's incredible, I feel like I fav all of her stuff two seconds after she makes it.
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interesting expression but that long and in-depth like stare does warrant a need for story. What's he looking at where is he from where is he going in this scene very interesting feel!
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Thank you! Hmmm, he does have a story, but I don't know if it's connected to his expression here:) I tried to keep it a bit neutral (looking into the distance...) so that I could better define his facial features.

Actually while painting it I suddenly imagined this scene to show that he just walked out of the spaceship's shower with wet hair and that made me giggle a bit.
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That it did fine job!
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Is he a man in space or a space in man ?
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what is his story ? :D
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The whole story is about how when humans from earth travelled space they found out that other humans were already there for thousands of years with far advanced technology. They are told that an alien species which seems to have disappeared from the universe nowadays, had picked those humans from earth and brought them there. The new-comers from earth are enthusiastic about searching for those aliens and send out a mission to travel to a forbidden sector where possible artifacts of this species had been found. Since that mission, however, something strange happens to the Earth's population. Children are born with mutations that don't seem to be random at a closer look.
(End of prologue:))
Earth starts another mission to the forbidden sector to find out more about it. The other humans from space, however, are now alarmed and even though they fear the forbidden sector more than anything else they have to send someone to supervise them. This guy from the picture, a high-raniking member of the government, is chosen to go with the earthlings as babysitter. He has no option to refuse because he comes straight out of prison. Also he sees this trip as an opportunity to solve a rather personal issue. Needless to say that this will endanger everyone.
Then the'll all be eaten by cats from space.
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This need to be made into a MOVIE!!!
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Haha, it would already be nice if I finally found the time to make it into a comic or graphic novel... But I suck at writing. I can only summarize the basic ideas. And before that comes the world building stuff and planning out the characters more carefully. With the current amount of free time I have it'd take me YEARS... and until then I'll find out that this story has already been written by someone else.
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take the time to make it , it will be worthwhile as you will look back at it with a complete hel999 universe created in time ;P
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