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'I'm 99% angel, but ohhh~ that 1%~'

'I'm 99% angel, but...'- TEASER of 'Light of hope' by Hekkoto, visual art


Misstress Of Misfortune by Hekkoto, visual art

Artist // Student // Digital Art
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My Bio

I'm Hekkoto, Edgy Edgelord who is young self-taught artist [and now art student] who decided to make arts, comics and games for fun~ I wanna be full time artist cause then I can make my wildest dreams and creations come true~

I focus mostly on horror, creepypastas or just dark themes! Of course I wanna put there a lot of comedy too~ so I'm just random freak who draws creeps haha~

- Poland - College student - Proud bisexual - Married - Demons with huge tits is my kink~

I love memes, video games and comics/manga :>

Thank you for all suport in building my dark empire <3

Blue pastel knife -EMOTICON- Violet pastel knife -EMOTICON- Pink pastel knife -EMOTICON- Yellow pastel knife -EMOTICON- Green pastel knife -EMOTICON-

my dear supporters who makes it all possible: TheChelaxian, Lady_Creepy_Chan, Niko, Frustrated Cartoons


Favourite Movies
The Conjuring, The Orphanage, Phantom of the Opera
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Helloween, Judas Priest, Old Man's Child, Powerwolf, Accept, Blind Guardian, Poparzeni Kawą Trzy
Favourite Books
everything by Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe
Favourite Games
Layers of Fear, Sacred, Bioshock, Icewind Dale, Ghost Master, The Binding Of Isaac, Fran Bow, Neverending Nightmares
Favourite Gaming Platform
pc masterrace
Other Interests

Amazing people

My amazing supporters:




Frustrated Cartoons

support me on Patreon to appear here and in my arts description :> https://www.patreon.com/Hekkoto

Donation Pool

Donate me owo

I gonna spend them on giveaways ;3

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I just sold piece of jewelry I made :D yayyaaa Im so happy~ my art career moved it's lazy ass and started crawling instead of standing still in place ;p its always better to move forward slowly than staying in place~
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CHECK out my first of art feature~ if you wanna your art be in next one leave your art in comment under that journal!
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Hello darlings, here we go with first feature! I wanna let you see other people's works and I hope you will fing something nice for you! Check it out and give those people some loooove~ I decided that doing this monthly would be cool thing so if you wanna be feature in next one leave your art in comment under this journal. Please one art per person, oh and deadline is 31th of August cause then next one gonna appear ;3 thank you all a lot for joining this feature, for sharing your amazing creations and/or supporting those artists too! Leave your own art in comments here to be in next one, I will love to support yu and your works :> Love ya all, your edgy spook Hekkoto~
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thanks for the lama

you are welcome :D

[i joined in 2020. my account is @MeowsticTheMagicsCat bc my account got banned]

[please reply welcome back]

Thanks for the lama!! : )

you are welcome :>

thanx for fave <3 love ya <3