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Support my work by contributing to my tip jar. This tier won't include any specific perks, but you will receive my appreciation. I plan to offer tons of new great stuff soon and this lil donations would help me a lot :> Stay tuned, I just need to win those illnesses!
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This is basic tier which will cause you will ge featured in my thank you section. You will also be able to vote in special posts with questions~ And QnA
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Daily MONSTER of November 8 [ART CHALLENGE]

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With this tier you get access to my projects in progress, additional info, stuff about my own universe I create
Access to my private plans and projects
Access to stuff about my own universe I work on~
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For joining this tier you get monstly journal with feature of your arts, as welcome gift I will send you all 10 designs of my stickers and all rewards from lower tiers
welcome gift - 10 stickers
monthly journal with feature
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My own universe #2 by Hekkoto, literature

My own universe #1 by Hekkoto, literature

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