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Sending love error message

Ok, because of what I doing [or trying do] I think I'll need it on my page. Share love and happiness guys! This is very important! Just love and be loved :heart:

If you want you can put this on your page too. Its free to use.
If you want put this in full size copy and paste this [delete space between < and da] : < da:deviation width="378" id="699474934">

check my sites:
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ah yes, the classic error box, these images are more than just memes, they are the way of life and a throwback to those who used XP in their lives. I enjoy this image since it reminds me that many can still use these and know what it is or just the fact people need posts like these, either way anyone can make these now thanks to websites that has services and allow us to make them, so if you get a text box that someone is sending you live, you should take all the love you need and enjoy it.
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I take a piece of love :))
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this might have been made unintentionally creepy.
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This is actually beautiful thank you
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This is awesome!
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wonderful idea ^^
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this never happened to me 

nobody loves me 
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dont say that, Im sure there are people who loves you :)
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