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NYPD's Finest

By hekatoncheir
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This was actually for a class assignment. :) I'm pretty proud of it.

Also, decided to create a tumblr for sketches! Currently empty, but it's happening hahaha. Will be making a journal about that...

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Nah, they'd need this for chicago if anything.
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Oh that looks like a beast! 
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your design is good. .. but isn't the feet a bit small .. for 12 tons of awesomeness
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Al Sharpton has another thing to complain about. 
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Now that's a mech!!!
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Huh. If in this world police have a freaking mechs I don't even try to imagine what beasts army have.
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Here's a hint: they borrowed some mechs from the Army to film Pacific Rim.
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that's an officer i dont want pulling me over o.o
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Argh! Creeper! Tryin to steal our stuff again.
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Grab your sword armour and go! Take your revenge a oh a oh!
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There's only one thing you can do with a creeper...
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i wish mecha was a real thing. It would be badass to see these things tromping around heavy security situations or used in large-scale police-actions where heavier than standard civilian grade weapons/armor are needed. or at like DUI/Sobriety checkpoints and the like. even if they were reserved for State Police units (which we never see in southern CA, but are reasonably common in CO where i lived for a few years)
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Crazy cool design! Cheers!
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"You have twenty seconds to comply" haha this is law enforcement!
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Looks like Pacific Rim model, really strong in defense. Love it!
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Cop: Excuse me, Sir! you can't park here.
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Very cool, ED209 is turning green with envy right now :)
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