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Slow work in progress

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 2:48 AM

This is a special year for me. 2013 gave me a temporary job wich I'm proud of(and still is), and now new experiences, friends and so much inspiration for my art portfolio, there's a lot I still have to do!! :D
I was not so happy about my late work in progress because of many reasons, lack of ideas, material and time, but hopefully I still have a little lab where i can work free(cause can't really do it at home for obvious reasons). I wish I had a personal lab that i could manage all by myself, but have to thank everyone a lot for how things are right now. Even if they could be better, of course they can improve.
At the moment 2014 is giving me not so many chances to find a serious job in the arts, mostly for our economic crisis that seems not leaving the place ;_; it is also true that in this kind of job you have to take the first step forward, be always update and be continuously proposing. Getting ready for new technologies, being able and flexible to every kind of change you are about to experience is fundamental, but what is more important is originality, that seems to be the hardest thing to find in this world.
Sometimes I've got so many ideas popping in my mind that it seems my art lab and material wouldn't be enough for the use i mean to, and it make me feel so frustrated :(
I have a couple of ideas for paintings right now that i keep so precious like Smigol's beloved trasure hahaha can't wait to work again!!! 
soon more works will be iploaded here too :D
see you soon!

Art by Ravengaarafan, Journal by Ravengaarafan
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2013 has been such a great year for me, and it's still reserving some awesome surprises. 
Here I'll write a little report of my life and works stats.
I spent three lovely days of January to my friend's house after having celebrated the New Year's Eve, drunk, eaten, played and got so much fun with them.
In February I had the chance to make a Pris Stratton cospaly (Blade Runner) photo set (you can see it here…) thanks to my kind friend Fabiohazard
In March I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome getting 110/110, the highest mark :) I worked a lot for my thesis about the painter Morris Graves, one of my favourite artists ever and been fully satisfied about everything I did. 
I could also make a Coraline cosplay, another character I love and been really lucky to partecipate to the convention, considering that I had to study for my thesis and shouldn't go there xD here my Coraline cosplay <3…
Nevermind, I spent April in total relax, as my first month of vacation from three years courses of Academy, and I could complete my Leeloo Dallas cosplay that I enjoyed wearing at Romics (here it is…)then in May  took some days at another con in Naples, Comicon where I could show my Merle cosplay from the Vision of Escaflowne (here you can find it…).
Between a cosplay and another I had enough time to work on some paintings, thing that happens rarely or just when I have e very cool idea. I'm going to upload some more artworks soon ^w^
At the end of May I travelled to Istanbul with my family and had such a great time, also visited the asiatic side of the city!! Now I can say I've been in asia too LOL (some picture showing it here and still have to upload some more pics…).
In June I worked as a promoter for the Centrale del Latte of Rome which is an Italian dairy based in Rome, then as a secretary in a medical studio and still working there, in July I went to te beautiful Rimini for a summer con, Rimini comics, where I could meet my lovely friends from the northern Italy again(I love them <3), wear an original costume I made for the occasion and yet  another chance to have a photoshoot. This time I created something mixing different elements from some ancient and tribal cultures, such as the native American, Indian and Celtic ones, painting my skin with many bright colours and decorating my hair and arms with feathers, shells, little pieces of wood and other stuff I loved to add, getting a different and awesome look everytime. That was so much fun :D (here the link to the gallery where I collected many photosets… ).
In August I travelled and stayed in Morocco for 15 days, that was so hot! But I could manage the high temperature by covering well my head with fabric, that is also very common there. I published only one photo, and many others are still waiting to be put in my online gallery :/ here you can see it…
In september I started working on other paintings and on some other cosplays, this time some really easy, like Eileen Galvin's pink shirt, which only had to be finished because I started to paint it before the summer but couldn't work continuously so had to work on it many times and for few time. Also, took part in a Silent hill Shattered Memories photoshoot thanks to my friend Simone ( here is the photoset ->… who helped me also in realizing another dream set from Dino Crisis 2 in the forest as you can find here….
 In October I took part in two conventions, one was Romics where I showed my Vincent Malloy cosplay from tim Burton's Vincent 1982 short movie (here my cosplay…) and here the wonderful movie…  and this picture by Fabiohazard was recently showcased on dA( wo hooo!)… <3
Also Eileen cosplay from Silent hill 4 (here the link…) and the other was Lucca comics and games, where I finally met a wonderful group of girls I had the pleasure to invite for a Rule of Rose group, beautiful survival horror game i played some years ago and which  fell in love with. This time we had a great time, I met other three girls I used to chat only on the internet and was happy to make some new friends and see some old ones. Here you can see our group… One was Chiara, the Eleanor of our group…, then Giulia, our Wendy and Martina, our Meg. It was such a pleasure to have Gaia as Diana I also cosplayed Sally from Nightmare before Christmas again this time with a better make up and accessory as you can see here…
About the Rule of Rose cosplay group, we were five and all felt very happy for having made the the game come to life, we enjoyed each other and felt like we made our dream come true. That's what I still feel. Plus another great news came all of a sudden. Yoshiro Kimura, the creator of Rule of Rose noticed our cosplays and wrote on twitter, appreciatin and commenting our work! here his tweet ->… that was incredible for all of us <3 We retweeted him back ^^
Now it's Dicember and Christmas is about to come.. and I still have many things to do and planning soon, who knows wat the future brings me, but I received another wonderful news, as some friends of mine are looking forward to find me some stuff for future cosplays I had to put apart because of their difficulty. Also, some important notices about a very serious work I'd do if I were lucky enough..let's hope so, I'm strong and have will, I like to challenge myself.
That's almost all for now, I believe.
Oh and just because it "has to be done", I wish you to spend a great Christmas time and a wonderful New Year's Eve!
Bye ~~

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Finally, after a long period of preparation for the graduation exam and the subsequent achievement of the latter with full marks (110/110) at the end of March I had more time to finish some cosplays and take some new photos, thanks to the help of some friends. I'm very happy about that :)

More free time, more photoshoots ^ ^

I will spend a short period in Rimini in July for a convention with friends I don't see for about a year :D

In addition, between the end of July and beginning of August I'll be in Morocco in Marrakech for another holiday that my family and some friends were ablei to organize! I'm not very happy for the time of year that they found, but that's okay. I suffer terribly high temperatures, but I think it will be more fun for me than anything else, and also the beauty of visiting a country I've never seen before.

Between one thing and another I'm occupying my time with some occasional job that allows me to put aside a little money, have something in your pocket is always good ..
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I am very glad I picked up my dA account again and given it more importance (certainly more than before).
For years I never applied myself even in the most simple and basic functions, perhaps because I did not have a lot of good work and wasn't too convinced.
However, now that I'm "back", I'm having fun in arranging my new works in subfolders etc.. also, even uploading my pictures in cosplay, first thing that I never wanted to do voluntarily, perhaps because the thing didn't interest me much or because I didn't use dA as a mean to spread my cosplay (without a specific reason).
Last but not least, among the various groups that I joined and with whom I share my work, I became admin of an interesting group # TheSurvivorBeings thesurvivorbeings.deviantart.c…
Check it out if you like ;)

"That's all Folks!"
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Right. That's how I'm feeling right now
Under pressure.
I'm (not really)keeping up with my studies...and the worst thing is the TIME, that's getting so few ç_ç
On September the 17th I'm beginning a quiet stressful period of Academic exams.....hufffffff and preparing during the Summer is PAINFUL as HELL!!
Oh i wish I had enought strenght to manage Degree for example. That was meant to be taken in October, but the stuff wasn't as much as I wished. Still got to improve my engraving techniques and get a decent workload for my portfolio. (God Help ME!!!)

It's so hard! But I have to keep goin ahead, not thinking much on bla bla bla.

I'll get my degree in March, this is the only thing I know for sure... :)
Who knows what's gonna happen next...
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Hello there guys.
Anything new at the moment, I'm studying to get my degree in October, planning to work on some cosplays left(and some others to improve) working a little in an art lab I took part recently... who knows what's gonna appen ;) We'll probably set up galleries where we show our artworks and productions.
I'm not so happy right now, maybe cause I have a lot to do and rarely see fiends.. I miss them so much :(
Plus i'm going to Rome few days a week but it doens't matter anyway. Academy is always the same, I like it and I love my teacher who's helping me with my thesis, she's just so adorable!
But i still have little bad thoughts in my mind. Dunno where they actually are from or what are they caused by... they just make me little sick.
Btw I'm not writing much, as i said I have much to do and shouldnt waste my time here...nope not in that sense, you are not a waste of time ^^'
I'll just..get  this day started.
see ya
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Yes, you heard me right ... it is not strange to write about snow, it is more strange to say emergencies, heavy snowfall, enough to put a whole nation into a tailspin ...
Probably many of you will be normal and in winter the snow falls, many northern countries of the world must live with, and have as many security measures in response to the various problems it is causing.
Snow. White fluffy icy snow. Very nice, especially when it reflects the rays of the sun ... giving it an incredible candor, like sugar ...
but suddenly come back to reality, and once again we are talking about Italy.
Problems here and there, everywhere icy and stuck roads, blocked railroads and trains removed, scrapers and snowplow poor or inefficient to have to deal with meters of snow fell in a few days, isolated villages and towns without electricity and many other services, farms that have suffered substantial losses of livestock and crops went bad (and it is only a part of the problem) .... it all started last Friday.
In Italy the last time it snowed so consistently was in 1985 ... so much time ago.
This means that the measures are non-existent skirt over time, because it would be a huge expense compared to a problem that affects us once every 25/30 years ... So in addition to the damage, the prank.
That is why when "so important" events happen in my country  crisis explodes and we don't know what to do .... I wonder why no one's shielded from the first time. With so many satellite systems, equipment for monitoring air pollution and weather patterns, possible that we were not able to prepare in time to these phenomena?
Oh and what's more ... distance to a week was announced a new wave of bad weather ... tomorrow Friday 10th according to experts almost certainly will snow in central and south and there will be other difficulties, bad weather for Saturday too ... :(
with the simple difference that schools and public offices will be closed immediately to avoid accidents and more.

Clouds of salt I invoke you! Spread your precious ore! * ___ *
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XD Hell Yeah let's be ironic!
It's been months since i've wrote my last journal entry, but i'm not so sorry about it, I had so much to do for the academic work and studies. I'm having five exams in the Summer session which are Drawing, Serigraphy, Engraving, Illustration and Xilography(woodcut prints) and other two on September, which are theorical.
I really worked so much, made t-shirts, fabric and paper shopping bags and printed coloured sheets of paper for the serigraphy exam tomorrow i'm having Drawing and in a couple of days i'll do the rest of my exams XD the other works I made are handmade prints, pencil drawings and graphic works.
I have a big amount of DA works and promise i'll upload soon! For the rest sometimes I upload new pics on the cosplay site, and a cool photography site… and finally copleted my personal website ^^… but i want to make another one with many other works and with a more professional look! ;)
Last but not the least Summer has come! I'ts so terribly hot here ç_ç but this thing won't obstruct my intention of making new cosplays XD which I'm planning to do ... *w*
Between July and August I'll be travelling around France and this will be sooo amazing! I can't wait for it °w°
Now Ima leave here dinner is ready =D
goodbye DA! see you the next Journal Entry XD
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This time im not gonna write much, just posting my webpages links...enjoy u.u  :
*EDIT : this is my personal website, a sort of online portfolio with my academy works and more ;)…
*please leave me comments and tell me what you think about it
(sorry if the intro is not complete, I had a technical problems with it and apologize for this thing will be soon changed  ^^')
more links: page: page:… page:…

SilentHillApocalypse page: page:…
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I just love this period of my life! :-D
Im enjoing so much this last month of vacation before i start my university course's going to be the second year course for me.. I'm so enthusiastic! X°D
Oh and before this i'm planning to go to another cool con, Lucca comics and games 2010(this will be the second year I'm going to go to this con too)What am i saying ? cool? nope! the best in my opinion! I just CAN'T WAIT! and i wanna meet my friends too, sure i will, this is the perfect occasion to see them again ^^
I made some little changes in my DA profile page but still lack in all the information i need to get better features and whatever i can do to improve guys.. can you help me?? I was just loosing my head in trying to make my group's list appear upper my profile and not below my devious info..what can u suggest me? thanks i hope in your help!
Btw, im still very active in all the website im subscibed in and here are the links to them so you are totally free to take a look and spend some time!
Enjoy! page: page:… page:…

SilentHillApocalypse page: page:…
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ooh I just can't wait's this weekend!! OMG OMG OMG..
Yay! im so happy and i feel this year is going to be the best ever!!*o* Actually the con lasts four days from Thursday to Sunday, but i am goint there the last three days...great! XD
On friday im going with a friend of mine and we're cosplaying the Silent hill nurses..hehehe i already imagine how cool that day will be XD...going around to scare people LOL!
On saturday i'll be there to accompany another friend of mine and we'll both cosplay characters form Edward Scissorhands XDD..we're gonna have fun!
Last day ...?!! This is going to be a surprice
You'll see soon!!
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Oh i so love this month...not so hot and not so one word: cool
I love September *w*
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Huuuff! Finally Summer is here! It's so hot that even typing this journal is becoming a hard thing even if im still at the beginning LOL
Im so happy I finished all my exams in the summer session and I can now say that is a relief ^w^ I'm glad even that more or less my grades are good in all..
Now I can relax, enjoy the holiday and this delightful time that I spend alone with my dearest friends..YaY! eventually i could also work on some new cosplay indeed ... I would absolutely do it! I would say that I have several ideas in mind but I am focusing on two in particular...ill say more about this later ^^
I hope everyone of you is fine and will spend a wonderful summertime!!!
here are some websites in which im in, u can see: page page… page…

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New year course, new life! I've finally started the Art Accademy of Rome and i found it really awesome(not considering the lack of organization and the terrible mess of the college...that can provoke a serious nervous breakdown!XDD).
I'm in the "Art Graphics" class, really love what Im doing there and since its my very first experience of studying in a college, it challenges me a lot and so i found it more interesting than a simple art school, plus i consider my love for drawing, painting(..and more)very motivating skill and a talent that can(and should)be always so happy to start this new course, dont wanna stop studying or working in the world of art, so I've decided to start there...
I'm supersupersuperhappy!!

*hehe im starting an art academy so... where's better if not saying it here? LOL

Good luck Serena!
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This will be the first time for me to go to Lucca comics, a wonderful convention that is set up in the little town of Lucca...
I really cant wait to go there and i planned to cosplay some characters(Regina from Dino Crisis, Memory of Alessa from Silent Hill 3, Jason from Freddy vs Jason movie and probably Jennifer from Rule of Rose too...everything depends on the days and the weather).
If Romics was cool, this is gonna be SUPER!!
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Everythin's ready for my next con im gonna take part in and enjoy! ^^
I made many costumes(and a lot of stuff though)which i cant wait to wear LOL
and the best thing for me now is that I am invited to be part of two different cosplay groups: one made only by girls with all costumes from Soul Calibur 4, in which I'll cosplay Xianghua(…), the other is made by two guys and me playing Katekyo Hitman REBORN, and ill be Kyoko Sasagawa (…)holding a little plush of Reborn I made for this occasion...
I really cant wait !!!!! XD
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YAYYY oh I'm sooo happyyyy now I can say it: exams are finished!!! I was soo nervous but now its all over! ^___^
We were like ten(more or less) and I was the very first to start...XD
I was really scared but then, once in the room in front of my teachers, I did the best I could and talked and talked all the time... Everybody was waiting their turn in the corridor without caring too much of staying in silence(in fact that was a little annoying è__é )but overall I did a good exam.
It's a REAL LIBERATION! now I'm gonna burn all my books! ahahahahahahahahaha
just kidding XD
but what I loved the most were the wishes of all my closest friends(I mean the ones who I really care of, my true friends) and all the "good luck Serena" or "you'll do it great!".

Yeah thank u my friends I love you. Truly
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I'm so nervous....five years of high school and this is the very end of all!! One one side i'm happy cause it was finally time to go outta school, but on the other I'll "leave" some of my schoolmates (and dunno if I'll meet again, I hope I will)
But the point of the situation is that I really dont know if I'll be admitted to exams!! I have to get my marks better...still a lot of work to do and improve myself with the oral tests...
Hope for everything to be fine :-)
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Last year it was the first time I partecipated to a con, Comicon in Naples, Magenta edition, and as a first experience, it was incredibly amazing and fun! XD This year it will be from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th and I'm cosplaying as Maria from Silent Hill, I really cant wait for it!! XD
I feel a little better and after Easter and having spent some time with my relatives, my mood is changed in positive(fortunately).
I'm happy that I'm feeling better though and is thank to some friend's suggestion that I followed...thank u really!!!
I'll never say enough about the importance of friends!
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