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PP Commission : Learned from the best

By Heisedebao
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“The story is Kakashi has come over to ask Shirahime for advice on being a teacher; he’s just found out that he’s going to lead team 7. He knows Shirahime had a great sensei, and wants to know what he did to make such a lasting impression. The two are by her mantle, looking at pictures. Shirahime is smiling at the memories of Arinori, pointing out their team pictures and chattering on, while Kakashi is looking at a picture of Arinori wistfully.”

I hope  that you'll like it <3


PayPal Commission for :iconhatakehime:

 Art  belongs to :iconheisedebao:

 Arts on the wall belongs to artists below 

:iconhatakehime: gave me rights to use these arts as photos on the wall :la: Check these awesome art-pieces too:heart:

Paypal Commission October 2018 | Hatakehime I by xCaeli Commission: SB of OCs for HatakeHime by AtreJane HatakeHime cm by Tielss :CM: Naruto OC - Like Family by KirCorn Commission_scared by sbel02


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PP commissions and waiting list information:



 • I would like to start the commission only after your payment
• Please, serious offers (!!!) Offer only if you sure that you want commission me :) 
 No refund 
• Be patient! I'm trying all my best to draw in all of my free time, but sometimes I haven’t a lot of free time. So the estimated time of my working on the commission would be from 1 week to 4 week 
• I WON’T make major changes after I’ve finished the commission (Usually I show the sketch before I start to continue, so let me know if something wrong on the sketch phase) 
• Please, make your request as clear as it possible 

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HatakeHimeHobbyist Writer
I can't even tell you how long I've been meaning to get this idea brought to life, but it has to have been YEARS. And it was definitely worth waiting for because my WORD how amazing did this come out!! Shirahime looks so happy to be talking about the amazing man that taught her everything she knows. She loved Arinori SO MUCH. Oshawott cry plz  I'm sure she'll have a lot to tell Kakashi, and I'm sure she's happy to have a listening ear! Kakashi definitely thinks he'll never measure up, but it's just the effort that counts <3 I am definitely going to write the story one of these days, and I could not have asked for a better cover photo. happy cry XD  Thank you so much my dear, this is one of my favorite pieces of all time!!

Just one small edit if you don't mind, could you add Kakashi's scar then send me the full file? Thank you!!! <333 
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Heisedebao Digital Artist
It was a honor to come to life this idea, it's a really deep and touching concept, thank you for a chance to draw this part of your Shirahime's story.

I will correct his scar ASAP, I'm sorry for the waiting for it!
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DeidarakittyHobbyist Writer
This is such a good concept! I love seeing Shrirahime talk to Kakashi about her wonderful sensei. Her face looks so sweet as she recounts the memories! I'm so sad Arinori is dead though Cry run  

Btw as much as I wish I came up with this sweet scene, I believe you meant to say Hatakehime paid for this pretty piece :D
Heisedebao's avatar
Heisedebao Digital Artist
I'm so sorry for Arinori's death too, but it's great that his friends will remember him for many years :)
Thank you very much, dear <3

Haha, OMG, I'll correct it ASAP xD thank you :"D
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fun piece here
Heisedebao's avatar
Heisedebao Digital Artist
thank you :D
but actually it's not very funny art xD
mortalshinobi's avatar
not funny, but fun of the moment as the two characters are sharing experiences plus your play on colors is fun to look at. ^^
Heisedebao's avatar
Heisedebao Digital Artist
Now I see, thanks for your explanation :)

It's really hard to combine sad scene and one my favorite part of drawing playing with colors
mortalshinobi's avatar
not too bad having them look over memories. it shows they still get along but there's lingering memories of the past.
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Quite nice
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Heisedebao Digital Artist
thanks :D
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