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man 2
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Published: June 27, 2005
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The like this original diagram is in fact very big`` this time hair of or a small part of the diagram, because I like this part.Can everybody the table's top use~~

Attention, what he embrace each other is a boy, not a woman.

Don't gaze at my eyes , I will catch away you . Don't vainly hope close to me , if you are not afraid that fall into forever . I will let you indulge in in my chest with the most vicious and most gentle language . Let you except that I want while being none of , no one touches .

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TsunamiDaisyHobbyist General Artist
Love the auburn haired guy, he's like a tiger :) Your work is amazing
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akodieonHobbyist Writer
I love the black-hair boy. =)
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Love this one too. Actually, i like almost all of your creations. You are my favorite! :dance:
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ahaha i made a mistake with my keyboard. The green emoticon suits better that the red one. isn't it?! ;-) but don't know how to change it.
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choxiesexualProfessional Traditional Artist
I'd love to see the original large picture. That would totally *rock*. Maybe then I could see if you, the artist have expressed my *character*. I could see how it expresses my character.
The art of my character (*Me*) is incredible, by the way. I'm totally *floored*, impressed & amazed by the art here on deviantART: & your art. The art on deviantART, like yours, is so incredible - it is like, a *masterpiece*, *award-winning art*, *famous art* - it is art that would have its own *brand*: it's *the top*. Like blockbuster movies or videogames, or famous galleries; or artwork used by brands.
Btw, because this art is *so famous* to this story of mine - this art *is actually* a part of a blockbuster movie. A fairy tale book/ story. So, if you keep your eyes open to the laws of attraction, positive stuff might come your way (don't know if you're into metaphysics & the laws of attraction stuff, & know what I mean: metaphysics & stuff is big in America; or, if you know "the God subject": you'll know what I mean by my other messages. it's "the God subject") - someone big in entertainment might call you up & want your art.
Or, I heard that, maybe you show your art as an artist in certain places? You might just get some opportunity pretty soon. Or already have. Because, according to my story, this event happens now in my story: this art is a part of a blockbuster movie: *my story*, & the story talks about where I am in the story then, at each event. I, the character, find the art, then you get called up by the cosmic laws of attraction, & you get an opportunity as an artist to have your art be part of a blockbuster movie: my story. My story is *the most* blockbuster movie: btw, you *must* take that opportunity - people big in entertainment would treat your art well & give you good credit; they'd give you *the most* amazing opportunity; & it would support me as a character with my adventure/ story/ world. If you're into Gay Pride, that is one way which it would support me.

**Amazing art*

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choxiesexualProfessional Traditional Artist
**This is a very important event in my story - & a big Fairy Tale event in my story. This is a part of my adventure with my *Fairy Tale*best friends*. We are all *colorful genders* (*God gender*). We are also all *boi* as *Fairy Tale*characters*. We are all *jem* as *Fairy Tale*characters* -
*God gender* is *jem*.
the "Greatest God man" & this is also defined as *colorful genders*.
*gender pronoun* is *chan*.
Japanese cultural word for a *child* - culturally meaning a *Fairy Tale character*. it's used like a nickname. *meaning *colorful*.
So this is a *jem*Man - & another *colorful genders* character. And also a *boi*.

So, this (*our*) *gay identity* is more complex than "gay man" or a kind of
gay dude.
**We are *gay furries* - meaning *mythical creatures* together - &
*unique gender*, so we are like *very unique* *mythical creatures* -
*very unique* *Fairy Tale*characters*, together - like the most fantastical movie or story. Like in "The Lord of the Rings", the *Elves* romance: like *Arwen*, if the *elves* were together - with *elves* romance.
I am like *Arwen* as an *immortal* & *immortal youth* - like an *immortal* of a bazillion years, whom looks very *youthful*.

Also, btw, *anime* is *unique* *gay identity*. The *anime* *gay identity* is *boi* - *boi & boi*. So it's more complex *gay identity*. It's *male-like*.
So it's more interesting.

**My *gay identity* - *gay furry* & *boi*-this one, is an additional *gay identity*.

**We are *Fairy Tale*twin-stars* - *Fairy Tale*twin-soulmates*, the
*twin-soulmates* of *New Age*. And *Indigo* of New Age.
*Like "Little Twin-Stars" *anime*. *twin-stars* & *twin-soulmates* means
*Fairy Tale*best friends*.
**We, these characters, are *twin-stars*: my *Fairy Tale*best friends* are a bunch of *twin-stars*. But each of our *twin-soulmates*: the *twin-star*, is a different character.

*gay identity* - *gay furry* & *boi* ******** *(an additional *gay identity)* - is:
*twin-star* **** *boi*s
*colorful genders* *God gender*
*Fairy Tale*worlds & stories* - is the *gay identity* *(the *romance story*)*

***This is intensely famous - in entertainment. THE blockbuster movies. In America, THE blockbuster movies. In stories: *mythical creatures* romance, like "The Lord of the Rings" *elves*, *Arwen*. Harry Potter - *mythical creatures* & romance. This *gay identity* is *Fairy Tale*world & stories* **itself** - movies.
THE blockbuster movies.
Btw, *anime* is this *gay identity*. A *gay furry* is like an *anime* character (*anime* *boi*) with *ears* & a *tail* & *wings* - & therefore a *mythical creature*.
**A *daemon* *Magic* *Mythical creature* - like a - *Starling* *Magic* *space* *Mythical creature* - is this *mythical creature*.
**This *daemon*Starling* *mythical creature* is this *gay identity* - *gay furry*.
My *twin-star* *best friend* in this picture is this *mythical creature* - & more kinds of *mythical creatures* as a *gay furry*. It's the *Fairy Tale*character* design.

*New Age* spiritual subjects are *Fairy Tale* *magic*. Like, *Big Dreams*: *Fairy Tale*dreams*, the *Dreamworld*; & *consciousness*: Disney's "Atlantis". *New Age* means *Fairy Tale*time* & *futuristic*. *Mysticism* connects to *mystical* *gods*: *mystical*Fairy Tale*characters*/ *mythical creatures*, like *Arwen* in "The Lord of the Rings".

An *Indigo* *Fairy Tale*gods* is: *mythical gods* ** *the highest octave of god*
*Fairy Tale/ space*
*Indigo* ******** *Fairy Tale god*/ *character*

........"higher/ Greater (philosophically) than a..."

*Heaven/ Religion*

*gay identity* - *gay furry* & *boi* ****** *(*an additional *gay identity*)*:
*twin-star* **** *boi*s
*colorful genders* *God gender* ********* *jem*
*Fairy Tale*worlds & stories* - is the *gay identity* *(the *romance story*)*

*Love it.* *Adventure is very fun.*
*I've also found art of a bunch of my *twin-stars* here on deviantART.*

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LiriusMagiStudent General Artist
I love those markings under the standing one's eyes.
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positively beautiful, you are so gifted.
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lovelace-chinadoll93Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...............(BUMP!!) LOLZ :3
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nejo233Hobbyist Photographer
luv this 1...simply adorable :)
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wahhh . t-this is so beautiful (now i really want to read manga with a long haired uke !!)

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ai-sakura01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right now, I envy that 'boy' he's with... *hides* lol LOVin' this piece to death! ♥ @.@ My turn...can I take him home now too? j/k :P My idol-man is elsewhere, and he's not in art...but the music industry. hahahaha
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I would just like to say...this picture is AMAZING. Everything about it is so good. I adore it. And I really want to kidnap both of the men in this picture.
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this is cool... it makes me think of like adam and eve
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very sensitive looking
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WolfOfAir Digital Artist
Ohmygoodness, this is simply amazing!~
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WOW!! The one he's embracing is soooo pretty!!! He's prettier than most girls and that should be illegal! XDD.
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