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I am not to like this painting very much, it complete of and not good.
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Multiculturalism: A blonde white looking asian, in european style armor with a samurai Sword............YEAH

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This is mind won't be able to comprehend the great stuff.
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I like all of your work but this one is truly exceptional. I regret not being around the past few months. I can only imagine what works of yours I've missed!
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You are so talented with drawing a man in armor...! :love: Once again, you've just totally blown my mind! Well done!
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I love the armor!
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He remember me Gackt.
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OOH I LOVE IT!!! You're good XD
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Em... was the pic for 神典on起點中文 stolen from here or was it the pic made for it?
Why do I keep finding covers of books I read today...?
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This is so beautiful. :)
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I can add every picture at favorites they are awesome .
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I like it :) other than his hand, everything seems totally awesome :D
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WOOW! I love your work!
Just love it!
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this is amazing the shading the stance the proportions the design... all of it great and i mean it so try to keep your chin up this is a fantastic piece as are your others you have a great talent here ^_^
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I love the lighting on this :D
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i like it. kind of looks like my friend.
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Let ne tell you one thing...I LOVE IT! :love:

Is really well done, I mean, just look at it, don't you feel proud about yourself? :/
Seriously, is amazing :clap:
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