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I am not sure if I upload this one before , but anyway! we have new sales item now!
Jiuge's last sketchbook <;paradise lost> got reprint and will sell for $ 17.50! if you buy it with her new color artbook< gold rose>, will get 1 free 8.5x11 inch print , the sale only goes for 20 days before the Xmas !
For more details you can check out my journal, and write a email with your zip code to to ask about the total!
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love their hair!
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It was a few years ago that a fellow gamer sent me a link to one of your paintings. Ever since then, I've been hooked. You have such an amazing talent and every piece is absolutely beautiful. Keep up the stunning work!
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i love these guys so hot
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I am a huge fan of your amazing works. Your style is mind-blowing, and I absolutely LOVE how you draw your men. :love:

I saw this picture a few years ago and was astounded back then. It's very hard to pick favorites out of all your gorgeous pictures, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. I just love a serving man, and their suits look perfect!

Keep up the good work; you're incredibly talented!! :#1: And can I just favorite all you pictures? Is that okay? :laughing:
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Superb, that's all.
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So amazing! Very, very nice! XD
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I haven't read all comments, but as i see i'm not the only person whi thinks it's Noblesse
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This is awfully well done. They are both beautiful and the title says it all. Loved it!
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I like the one in the chair. He knows what he's doing; or at least he wants you to think he does.... XD
silvervendetta's avatar
о мое сердце!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ты пропало!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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As usual, your stuff is love! I've loved your work for years. I'd say Aarinfantasy deserves all the credit for turning me on to you, Juige and Feimo, singlehandedly! You all do such insanely wonderful work, that I can't do anything, but recommend you to others! Which brings me to you dA page today! Keep up the great work!! =)
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ohhh..its really good! you should make more of the girls though:]
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Reminds me of "Noblesse", if anyone has ever heard of or read it...
Sinclair-milo's avatar
that's what i said, i haven't finished reading
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Heise-Sama!!!!! I Made a Character based on this art of yours, so just to let u know im using he in a rpg only, not for gather any money with him ^w^ this is my art if u want to see it: [link]
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love the way you insert old european buildings in the pictures <3 and your art gives me so much inspiration to write novels!
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i love this picture :)
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This is like a cross between Kuroshitsuji and Godchild. It looks absolutely stunning and, from my point of view, you are definitely one of the best digital painters on deviantArt. <3333
The background to this picture is phenomenal, your architecture is so inspiring, the only criticism I have is I feel it does not fit in with the foreground well.
This is a very elegant piece and very detailed. The clothing and furniture is amazing and the anatomy well done, though the back of the man sat down seems to go in a little too far.

Overall, sensational.
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