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I came to DeviantART for two years ago. Time flies, it's hard to believe it Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
I have already owned two pen tablets, both of them were great but my computer wasn't Momo Kisaragi-01 (Taadaa) [V3] 
And heck.. think of the improvemet I have done in these two years!
There is three specific drawings, that I think actually shows how much I have improved. They are all of the same character, but I think they show pretty much.

The first one:
Somepony #2 by Heise-kun
This was the first drawing I did of my friends ponysona, who is called Nilo Bolt nowadays. Even though it is just a sketch I did one year ago, I would say I had kind of the same style during that year ^^
As you can see, it is super simple. I actually cringe when I see the headset XD THEY ARE AWFUL! And how is he seated!? Oh my god xD

Anyway! I drew Nilo Bolt again the year after, as a request from my friend :3
[request] ~*CaptainKenaj by Heise-kun
You can already see the improvement Momo Kisaragi (Joy) [V5] The headset looks waaay better than above XD And it looks more detailed than the one above. But I still got things I am disturbed about xD
I mean -the head- it is a freaking box!? And those huge ears XD He is not a bunny!

And a few months later, it was time for my friends birthday Momo Kisaragi-01 (Happy) [V7] 
HBD Kenaj!! by Heise-kun
Woop woop! Improvement! ...again xD No comments about all those lines.... they were terrible to do XD
Anyway, by looking at it you(hopefully) can see that everything looks way softer. And that the boxhead and bunny ears are gone XD
As a last comment, I would like to say that I have learned to draw with my hand. Before I drew by using quick lines, I guess that gave my art a "boxy" look. Now I can feel that I draw much more softer and true to my own hand Kano Shuuya (Happy) [V7] 

Enough about my improvement. I don't think anyone who watches me have missed that XD
75 people who watch me. That is a big number to me. It is fantastic to know that many people like what I do. I'm really grateful for that.
Thank you all.
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Submitted on
August 7, 2014