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November 8, 2008
Kodama by ~heisaspy. A ceramic work that won best of show in its class in a juried art exhibition and according to the suggester, "a very well-constructed and whimsical masterpiece. ~heisaspy knows how to manipulate stoneware and other mixed media to present viewers with a lifelike and personified tree. Also, his attention to history and detail is without fault. Kodama educates viewers about old Japanese tree spirits and shimenawa ropes while keeping their eyes busy with all of his included details (tire swing, nest, owl, grass, moss, etc)."
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My finished Kodama sculpture (almost two feet tall)
Here is my first sculpture for this semester's ceramic class.

Prompt: Using four wheel-thrown cylinders, create a sculpture. (I used six so the roots would be easier to make).

In Japanese folklore, a kodama is a spirit that is believed to live in trees (just like the Greek Dryad). It is bad luck to cut down trees with a Kodama and these trees are marked with a shimenawa rope (and in this case the rope is being used by a tire swing).

I'm happy with the outcome. Enjoy.

Stoneware, cone 6 matt beige glaze, cone 05 matt glaze ("elephant hide"), paperclay, dental stone, acrylic paints, matte acrylic sealer, three types of tumbleweed, two types of ground cover, three types of moss, fake ivy leaves, and a nest.

*Aztec High Fire Mender, Paperclay, and Slip

Details here: [link]
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its beautiful xD i knew about the rope thing from the wii and playstation game okami, all the sacred trees have it, and i found it adorable how the rope grew with the tree ahah. love the sculpture.