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DGM: Allen Walker

vectored this: [link]

resized to be a bit smaller, then made it a wall. BG was done in photoshop. hope it looks alright. I just guessed. so please excuse any mistakes it might have. ;P

don't mind my MT watermark on it. :P it would have been too long if I'd placed my dA watermark too...hehe...

fanart/wallpaper(c)heira (also
allen walker(c)hoshino katsura

hope you guys enjoy it. ^^
saying is a modified version of what Lavi/Ravi/Rabi says in the chapter [110], "It's as if like the light, you're going to disappear..." <--sounds gay, I know, but it isn't.

nobody seems to like the text...but wouldn't it be too plain if textless? I know my lighting isn't good enough to stand alone so it remains with text, alright?
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super awesome!
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Ah yes I remember this episode and how Allen was not prepared for what was through that doorway XP
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Aww! Somehow Allen can stiil be all kawaii even when he's broody :P I like the text BTW, very D. Gray-man
photo-elena-graphy's avatar
This is great, and I'm not sure what people mean, but I really like the text. It has a nice glow to it to go with the picture.
dragongirl5546's avatar
WoW love this sooo much im almost speech less
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Amazing, I am so using this for my wallpaper. This is just so good. Personally I like the text.
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I like the text
Comic7's avatar
The pic and the text are awsome it suits him :D
secretly-a-ninja's avatar
I LOVE THIS SOO MUCH :iconexcitedplz:
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thank you!!! :D
secretly-a-ninja's avatar
haha ur welcome :meow:

it's my background lol
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yay! more people with Allen gracing their screens! XD
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I like the text, it fits.
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thank you! It's why I put it there. :D
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I like it a lot! The text is a wonderful addition. Personally, I think it makes it more attractive and helps set the mood. Overall, however, it's a great background.
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thank you! :3
Kuraun-Kuraun's avatar
You're welcome. =]
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i like da writing with it :D
and i LOVE allen so yah!
awsome work with da lighting :3
heira's avatar
thank you. :aww:
Miyu-sempai's avatar
Yey my new wall x'D
awsome wall <D !! i love allen <3
heira's avatar
because allen is :heart: =^-^=
thanks for liking it! :aww:
Miyu-sempai's avatar
thats true!! >w<
jaja you're welcome :)
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