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Saffy birthday thank u alt by Heir-of-Rick

I read them all, each and every one, and they always brighten up my birthday! Love y'all, and keep being fantastic
Bronycon 2018 Saffy blep by Heir-of-Rick

This loser.
Tfh Hype+ by Heir-of-Rick
Y'aller precious cinnamon buns, I read all your comments, thanks a bundle! I had a fun little birthday, watching movies, hanging out with an old friend, playing that new Kirby game.

This critter is my favorite. Her name is Driblee and she is precious.
Kirby Fishy by Heir-of-Rick
Pinkie pie bring it in by Heir-of-Rick
Outfits post Update v2 by Heir-of-Rick


Sorry I haven't been around. Here's something I put together on my tumblr. Just click the links there to see all the adorable costumed ponies. I'm trying to spread this far and wide because this took hours to put together and I don't want anyone else to have to go through that. There's nothing from The Movie or leaked episodes in here, so no spoilers at all. I'll be adding more as new episodes air.
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and also a thank you for all the wonderful comments y'all left on my La Da Dee post awhile back. I know I'm literally the worst at replying to things, but I do read them all, and I appreciate what y'all say very much.

Y'all Stay Fantastic

Sapphire Incoming hugs by Heir-of-Rick
(Incoming Sapphire Lollipop, primed and ready for hugging)

I helped make this, is pretty cool I think.

Check out my scraps page for Behind the Scenes stuff (or just click here and here)
and for like basically ignoring this place, so have a pile of birthday pony art among other pony stuff
Hugs+ by Heir-of-Rick
I wish I was better with words so I could express myself here without sounding all cliché and stuff, but...
 Once again, I am sincerely moved by this fandom. While the panels are always amazing, and the vender hall merchandise is always precious and cherished, the biggest thing I always take away from these pony conventions is just how genuine and friendly and helpful and encouraging and kind and generous and absolutely fantastic everybody is to each other. Everybody feels like your best friend. It's plain to see that the morals of this cute lil' pony show do not fall on deaf ears.

  Thumbs up to WhiteDiamondsltd (Who I think is an excellent candidate for a real-life Element of Generosity), Kawaiipony2 (Whose ponies are indeed very kawaii and I very much did not get to spend enough time with and look forward to seeing again someday), Input-Command (Who drew me this cutie patootie while standing up, which is seriously impressive to me), Johansrobot (Who was absolutely delightful to meet again, this dude's like a rl Element of Laughter, always has the best stories and is just a super warm person) NCMares (The chillest person I know, so glad he got to come to Bronycon and get on the artist panel and everything, he totes deserved it), HollowNote (Who turns out was my favorite cosplay at the con, if I only knew beforehand I would've given you a great big hug!) Duke pony (Who drew an entire calendar worth of drawings in a week, mad props to him)

  Celebi-Yoshi (Who is just a wonderful human being with a style that is simultaneously adorable and beautiful), Jfluffy (So happy we got to meet, and thank you for the origami! Hopefully next time we'll get to hang a little more!), Pony-chanLove (Thanks for being my drawing buddy! Come back next year and we'll turn it into a tradition!), Verulence (It was great meeting you, I'm just bummed I forgot to tell you how much I adore your style), NadnerbD (Chilling at your table was like the coolest thing ever, hope I get to see you next year), toonboy92484 (A.K.A. Mod behind Ask Pirate Dash, it was so very neato to not only meet you, but to also do a sketch trade too!) Kaitou42 (Always good to see you, can never thank you enough for glowy Pinkie Pie) 

  And Couch Crusaser (Who kept throwing monsters ponies my way the whole convention and it was wonderful pls never stop), Bobdude0 (<3 <3 <3 Also he's got dope yo-yo skills), DimFann (Thanks for rooming with this dork, hope you had fun! Pinkie Pie is proudly hanging on the fridge), Zapplebowkekerinobobino (Already miss you), and also to the whole mlp Discord chat (I just realized I totally forgot to give you the AJ sketch... just means y'all gotta come back next year!), the r/mylittlepony mod squad (Haz thanks for rooming with me yet again, TheeLinker you absolute madman you actually bought me a pizza, and Lankygit, who nearly suplexed me into a fountain), and those dorks in the irc, and all the fantastic artists who came to the 1:00am art jam, it was like going to the academy awards to me, and...

  geez this got long. I just keep remembering people! Augh, and there's still probably more rattled around in my memories too. If you encountered me please jog my memory! Anyway the bottom line is that this fandom is overflowing with love.
BronyCon 2016 Sapphire by Heir-of-Rick
Hoping to meet as many horse nerds as possible
Going to BABS for the third time. Hoping to get my Arizona signed by Faust. I'm going to be the guy wearing the pony shirt. If you see someone wearing a pony shirt, it's me. 

Babs 2016 by Heir-of-Rick
Thank you for the birthday wishes everybody! I'm gonna try to reply to everyone eventually, but I'm just a mite tired right now. It's been a long day. But seriously, thank you!

Now check out these cool beans

Mactrott Prime by Madacon

Licorice by zapplebow

WEH by Celebi-Yoshi

...But I just wanted to say I read all my comments, and I love you all. That's all.

Also I didn't want people to think I'm still presently attending EQLA
Just a quick heads up, I'm going to be at EQLA tomorrow. Hoping to meet all y'all cool peeps who may be attending as well!
It's this loser.
So I know it's only been five months, but I thought I'd update the ol' journal early, just for the novelty of it. I noticed that I've been getting a steady amount of views for a while now. Kinda makes me feel guilty because I never really post anything here too often... ehehe... anyway! Like the title said, I decided to make a little peace offering and upload some of my old comics onto my scraps page. So if you wanna check it out, you can... go do that. I guess. Laugh, gasp, and be amazed at how ugly they are! And be mesmerized at how little progress I've made since then!

Hello! Well, it's been three months, time to update the journal! It seems that I have one more (very) last minute adventure to be had: the Baltimore BronyCon! I'm leaving tonight and won't be back until the 4th. I imagine my Internet connection will be a little spotty during that time, so just wanted to say "Hi" while I could. Anywho, anyone else going?

Just updating to say I'm going to BABScon and to see if anyone else would be attending. I've been to Comic Con (four times) and animation conventions, but I've never been to a dedicated pony convention. Honestly, I have little interest in the panels. I just want to meet all the artists and soak up the atmosphere.

Actually I'm just updating because the previous journal was incredibly dated...
I feel bad; I haven't made a new comic in, like, months. And I don't have any of my tumblr Christmas decorations ready. And I haven't been very sociable online either... I feel real bad about that too. And with Finals just around the corner, it looks like I won't be able to do much besides playing Pokemon. I mean study. Study... Anyhoo, I guess I'm just updating to say that I drew a picture of Twilight eating a book.

...I don't think I'm very good at journals.
...Now what? There's so much... stuff here. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed! I guess I'm just gonna start uploading my art. Maybe reformat some of my comics so I can post them here. I look forward to all the mistakes, friends, and challenges awaiting me in this fantastic place!