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There are two types of people

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I really shouldn't be just drawing over the sketches. loldunno I just haven't really felt like doing anything lately.

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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist
Applejack is a silly Pony, but Dash is a LAZY PONY. XD
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Apparently i'm Rainbow Dash
DoctorsDelorean4evr's avatar
I'm Rainbow for sure,but I have AJ's honesty
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matmax426Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm like Rainbow, but live force me to be like AJ :p
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ArtKing3000Hobbyist General Artist
Same XD
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LW9510Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Guess who i am
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owl--starStudent General Artist
I'm Dashie. Do the stuff set for me and I'll love you like an puppy for life. Force me to do them, and I'll rain owls upon you. Forever.
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LightningChaser42Hobbyist General Artist
cook 3 miles of WHAT!?


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DilarusHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I'm RD here
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Haha, honestly it's a little comforting to know I'm not the only artist that feels this way.
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TrevorRainHobbyist Writer
Not just artists...
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vreeStudent General Artist
You forgot to include the instructions for how you go from #2 to #1...that's what I really want to know...
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flutter-butter55678Hobbyist General Artist
"A Pile of Bad Things"...what episode was that? I never saw it before.....It's okay if you don't want to answer that.
Heir-of-Rick's avatar
It's "Vincent and the Doctor" from Doctor Who. It'll make sense when/if you watch the episode.
LycaonTheWolfKing's avatar
I am the latter in this case.
ElwisFromPoland's avatar
Yeah, I am totally like Dashie.
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One reason I love Applejack is her industriousness.  "There ain't a problem in Equestria that can't be solved with a little determination and elbow grease."
My Little Pony: Pony Tales featuring Applejack

But I'm a terrible procrastinator so relate more to Dashie here. 8/
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VengefulStrudelHobbyist Digital Artist
Workaholics vs Procrastinators, eh? :P Gotta love those messy Manes~ Nice comic!
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Um... I guess I'm more like Dashie in this case ;-)
Leon-Z's avatar
I'm totally RD XDDDDDD
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Rebron-yHobbyist Digital Artist
Behold, the most relatable depictions of humanity ever portrayed by cartoon ponies.
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TauntalusHobbyist Traditional Artist
So, is that it is the most relatable depiction of humanity when compared to other depictions, or that the cartoon ponies are portraying it better than any cartoon ponies before?
(Damn these English classes, they drive me to Nazism. :iconwhywouldffffplz:)
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Bravo22Hobbyist Photographer
I am SO Rainbow Dash in this picture.
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