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Plan B

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"Celestia orchestrated events that would save Equestria from a millennium-old threat, redeem her sister, reactivate the most powerful magical macguffin in the land, and give her pupil the social life that would inevitably lead to her coronation day. But there was always 'Plan B.'"

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This was one of my first digitally colored comics, figured y'all might get a kick outta it. It took about 40 hours, and it still came out pretty wonky-looking. I feel like it lost something in the transition between traditional and digital. It was plenty of good practice though! Further commentary, if you find that sort of thing interesting for whatever reason.

...Those are the craziest ears I've ever drawn.

EDIT: And here's the song!
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Normally I don't leave a comment on something this old but for some strange reason I keep seeing that ring on celestia horn as an angel halo. Also love the comic idea a ton!
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Hey thanks dude. This is still one of my personal favorites
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Sorry for not replying earlier comrade, my phone is having problems. But yea I can understanding why this is your favorite.
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AdrianTheBronyStudent Artist
Nightmare moon face in panel 6 is priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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what happen to those ear 
it looks to me that they are on fire
no offence
Heir-of-Rick's avatar
:iconfluttershysocuteplz: You're about three years too late with that...
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those ears so adorable 
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I love this, by the way should have sung " I am Stronger" instead.
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That was amazing!
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SpasticpugHobbyist Traditional Artist
Now I made up a tune and it's stuck in my head
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therealnightmaremoonHobbyist Traditional Artist
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GROAN! the worst idea yet TIA!
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ANiceCupOfCocoaHobbyist Traditional Artist
love the furry ears
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ThunesseyStudent Filmographer
Gloria Gaynor would approve.
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Star-Von-AlicornHobbyist General Artist
XD worth a shop

edit: worth a SHOT
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AlexiSonicKSTHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. That was worth a try. Soooo epic. :clap:
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okami0221Student Filmographer
these ears are so fricking FLUFFY ! but well Celestia, look to the good point ! you sing very well....
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Half-way through, I was like "This is so gonna work. There is no chance that this isn't going to work."
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SnowflakeThePony337Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i cant believe i didnt notice teh epic afro until the last panel (nice reference do! :3)
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GOD CELESTIA only if you were a talking pug...

you out would be Frank 

from MIB 2
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Pepsi-CoIaHobbyist Artist
would'ent (sorry I spelled it wrong)she be banished to the sun
Pepsi-CoIa's avatar
Pepsi-CoIaHobbyist Artist
I also like how I every panel tia was getting her clothes and stuff on
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