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Sasuke Hair Tutorial

By Heimdallll
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Reposting this because apparently DA deleted it last time because of copyright infrigement *sings "I wanna be bad'*

So yeah even if I dont cosplay sasuke anymore I thought that this would come useful to people that want to achieve his hair, it might even work on wigs probably.

There is like a giant space at the bottom because I'm lazy and I don't feel like cutting that part D;

Keep in mind that this is a method that I had to develop over a course of a couple of months and included a lot of trial and error, which means that you might find a better way to do it...
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Do you remember how long your hair was when you first did this? And if I were to get a wig, how long should it be?
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The front bangs came half an inch past my chin...the back of the hair was an inch shorter and layered...
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K, thanks for your help!~
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This is soooo HELPFUL!!! thank-you sooo much! this is probably the best one i've seen yet!
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This helps so much!Thank you for posting this.=3
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You're welcome ^^
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Oh MY gawd!! THANKYOUTAHNKYOUTAHNKYOU!!! This the only decent tutorial that ive found! I have hair kind of like yours so i have faith in myself. ^^
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This Is Reallly Helpful! I Just Finished And It Looks Pretty Good! xP!
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Glad I could be of help ^^
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im not cosplaying sasuke,but this is the best tut. ive seen.

just some questions,lol.
how long do you have to hold each spike out for?
and if your using tresemme freeze spray,how much do you recon you need to put on each spike to keep it up?

haha,id date to go to expo and my hair falls down :]
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*When the Hairspray dries? I really dunno, just when you feel that the hair won't go down...usually I hold spikes for 5 minutes or longer depending on how much hairspray i've put on them.

*You need a lot for the bottom of the spike so it holds when dried...for the top of the spike you want to not use as much or else the spike will be too heavy.

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thank you ^______^
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good, but you should've used a wig, keep your hair from being damaged by all that hair spray. ;D
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well since then I dont use my hair anymore, nor do i cosplay sasuke...my hair is very healthy.
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Wooow this is reallly handy :aww: I mean i might not cosplay Sasuke but it helps with styling non-the-less :D
Plus it'll help styling my wigs hopefully xD
Haha though i can just imagine me going around with the first stages of that tutorial looking like i've just got out of bed with my mum walking in on me or something xD
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ahahaha don't worry it look me a few tries as well...someone took a picture of me when I used it for the first time in picnics and I found it the other day. I was like O.o' yeah XDDD

I'm sure it'll be helpful to style allen's crown clown hair as well...since he seems to have sasuke like spikes...
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:giggle: Awww it's all part of trial and improvement like you say =3

I thought that :D Allen and Sasuke should share styling techniques xD
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WOW I found that amazing XD
pwib qevn
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d;efuv;woevufb *spazzes*
your hair defies gravity XD**
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it does...or it use to lolz XDDD
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I mean I still find that amazing lol XD
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