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I tried out joining a FoE "pen & paper" game on IRC. It's pretty neat. This is my zebra character, Kyva.

It takes place in a Siberia-like location. Y'know... except ponies and zebras. The team is essentially Russian-like. Kyva has a Russian accent to her, vaguely like Heavy Weapon's Guy. I'm setting her up to be a jack-of-all-trades, with high luck and focus of suppression tactics. You don't have to hit to suppress, and the rest is high critical chance.

She's fun to play, so far.
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I'm a Russiam myself and find zebra with THE Russian accent hillarious, though I don't think it's always so... heard in the speech. Well, it's not for me to judge though. Could you tell a little bit more about the perty, and, also... logs?^^''
FoE PNP is a rather good system, though it reminds me heavily of DnD. It's rathe simple, once you get the spirit of things. I'm not playing myself, but I'm currently DM'ing a party I labeled Misfits. Well, that's another story, I guess.