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Return to Harmony

By Heilos
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It's been a very trying month and I wanted to work on something fun for myself for once in between freelance work and commissions. So I think I can officially call Harmony an OC for myself even if she's a ponification of a tree lol. I love her and all her complicated glory. For anyone wondering who Harmony is or what inspired her design, please be directed to the images below:

The Tree of Harmony - Pony Form by HeilosHarmony: Alternate form by Heilos

Quick story thrown together:
A few weeks after the mane 6 relinquished the elements to the Tree of Harmony, Twilight sensed a rather abnormally large amount of magical activity coming from within Everfree and decided to delve into the forest to confront whatever was causing such a disturbance. The closer she came to the source, the more she realized that the location of the surge was coming from the cave where the tree still resided. Worried that some new malevolent force had come to harm the tree once more, Twilight rushed inside only to be greeted by the tall and majestic form of a unicorn unlike anything she'd ever encountered before. The strange creature, who easily towered over Twilight, regarded the young alicorn with a gentle smile, lowering her head to a more appropriate level to speak. Her words were few, but she spoke them softly as to not further startle the already flustered mare in front of her.

"Hello little one"

I'm no way in hell a writer, but I had so much fun on this image I couldn't help but add another story paragraph to go with this. You're perfectly free to interpret this however you want though. Also holy hell I did a background for once! It really showed just how rusty I was when trying to sketch this out the first time since I had to redo it about 3-4 times before I was even close to satisfied. I am a perfectionist about the dumbest things. Anyway I had a blast working on this and could no be happier with the result, I think my coloring style has come a long way when I want to do messy stuff. ^^

Art c) :iconheilos:
MLP:FIM c) :iconfyre-flye:
Crystal pony texture c) :iconkimikonyanchan:
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Hello, I've had a very similar idea of the tree becoming a pony named Harmony, and I was hoping you wouldn't feel too offended if I use some of your ideas, with tweaks of course.

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Is that the tree that’s the new her
Can't get over how gorgeous this is years later!
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Turn it into movie turn into movie turn it into 🍿
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Oh thank you! I'll be sure to give this a proper read when i'm back from my family vacation! :)
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^^ Yay. I just finished Chapter 2~
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Looking at this, I can't help but think back to the scene of when the deer-like Forest Spirit appeared in the movie Princess Mononoke.
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Hey, I'm a writer. I'm not a huge MLP fan, but I think this concept is fascinating. If you want, I could try my hand at the little...description? you have here. Improve it/edit it/expand on it. Call it what you like. 'Course, I gotta get done with my story and get it up; been procrastinating lately. >.<

confused what to call it 'cause it's not a vignette, yet vignettes are usually short like this.
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Pure beauty... ;w; 10/10!!!
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I like how the tree of harmony pony form has more of unicorn look to her than alicorn which to me suits her better. Been playing some zelda and but of okamit last few days and had dream my oc wolf being brought to equestria by treeof harmony to help him free the main six, princesses, and clense the darkness from equestri. i had to see if someone made tree of harmony a pony form and must say i like it. Would be nice to see the main six and princesses being approach by tree of harmony in pony form, maybe even knows discord who see them pickering sometimes lol.
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I love how sweet and gentle you made her look. If they ever animate this character she should be voice by Mia Farrow.
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I always wonder if we'll ever see an embodiment of Harmony before the series is officially over.
I really like you're unicorn.
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wow this is so beautiful.. *u*
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Well this is just awesome.
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I smell fanfiction!!!!!!!!!!
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