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Organized Chaos

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Couldn't sleep and needed to sketch something to tire my brain out that wasn't commissions. Impromptu gift for :iconlopoddity: of her twilight draconequus design which I absolutely adore. I like to think Twilight has no idea how to react other then freak out a bit like she does at the sudden species change through magical mishaps. :V

Gonna try to go back to bed now, enjoy. 

Art c) :iconheilos:
Twilight draconequus c) 
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HUMANE Draconequus Twilight. 
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Is great and the replacement
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this are thier love start! but for twilight a fond out her only way to go back her pony self is to eat a poison joke! why? poison joke are ramdom as discord , so everytime twilight eat a poison , she transform to a draconequus and eat a other one to go back as her alicorn self! her dauther pandora fond her mother can transform to draconequus by eat a poison joke so try it by hide a poison joke in the food of her mother and her daddy a not lie! twilight be angry be transform agains her will, but discord love see his wife in this lovely draconequus!
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Did anyone else commented that she's at leasy symmetrical? X))
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LeafyWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
i was legit just about to say that ;w;
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Miko-The-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
oyximoron joke here
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Clouded-SaphirreHobbyist Digital Artist
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HeilosProfessional General Artist
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theyoungestbronyStudent Digital Artist
Ahhh! Discord, help, I'm a monster! 
Tisk, tisk... language, Twi. Do you want to go through sensitivity training?
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TenmaRKO General Artist
This somehow suits twilight very well Haha, good one Indeed!! xD
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TwilightSprHobbyist Digital Artist
Perfect :3 please make more pictures like this. :3MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony But I Didn't Listen! Icon/emoticon 
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I equally really love this look for a Draconequus Twilight. It just fits so well in my mind.
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This is so god damn amazing. I love the design.
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SiouxsieGaming2005Student Artist
Star Sparkle a.k.a my oc : Wow if mother was like that and my father was the pony I'll get CRAZY!!
CRAZY!!!! Crazy Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon 
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SiouxsieGaming2005Student Artist
but still beutiful!
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manulisHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is an interesting mix, and looks awesome
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Jieo360Hobbyist Artist
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penguin04Student Digital Artist
Awesome but wasn't Rarity the one that said "it's not a mess it's organized chaos"
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KateToDeaviantArtHobbyist General Artist
waaattt XD
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Comeos999Student Digital Artist
at first i thought she was kinky
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If Twilight and discord had a child. This would be it. Amazing job by the way. I couldnt do this if i wanted to and i SPECIALIZE in dragon drawings.
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ITS Twigscore!!!!!
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MejasoulfruitHobbyist General Artist
i just realized I was following you on tumblr
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