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Harmony Character Study

By Heilos
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Boy it's been a long time since I've drawn Harmony myself other then getting commissions of her. Two very recent commissions really had me thinking about updating her design since I really enjoyed the way she was portrayed. So I tweaked some things a bit and i'm much happier with the result. I'm not sure if i'm keeping her hair jewelry or not. Might just make it an optional thing to draw since it's kind of a small detail and sometimes is a pain to remember to draw lol.  Just to be clear, she is a ponified Tree of Harmony for anyone who is wondering. :) 
Tree of Harmony, Reborn by LopoddityHarmony by Centchi

Top left: A full front view of her Elements of Harmony crown, I wanted a clear ref for it lol. Same for her cutie mark. 

Far left: Full body design tweak for Harmony, i'm really happy with how she turned out.

Top middle: A small doodle of her alternate smaller form, being all cute and stuff :V

Middle bottom: This is something I imagine might happen after Twilight meats Harmony for the first time, tiring herself out with a million questions for Harmony and thus nap time. I just wanted a reason to draw cute ponies being cute. c:

Top right: I had a few people ask me what Harmony would act like interacting with Discord. Let's just say the first time they meet when Harmony becomes a giant unicorn is not very pleasant at first. It's one of the few times Harmony ever gets angry/upset since she very much remembers the whole plunder vine incident thanks to Discord. This is reformed Discord after the Tirek incident just to clarify. 

And I think that should be all of it. Enjoy!

Art/Harmony c) :iconheilos: 
Tree of Harmony c) Hasbro/DHX
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Venomous-CookieTwTHobbyist Digital Artist

Hi someone use your oc on a grid

MLP Grid Results Open

Without your permission

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You may want to tell Faith-Wolff about it as well. That's HER pic of Lady Harmony.

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Venomous-CookieTwTHobbyist Digital Artist
But they ended up deleted it
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Venomous-CookieTwTHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay thanks
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Harmony: Do you have ANY idea of the pain I've suffered due to those vines?!

Dscord: Whoa, take it easy! It won't happen again!

Harmony: It better not, or you'll face a face much worse than being sealed in stone.

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I remember coming across her and thinking "Damn! She's magnificent!" :dummy:

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HeilosProfessional General Artist

Thank you! Glad you like her :)

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Run your life Dude
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AshleydoesartsStudent Digital Artist
Eep I've seen her once on google but couldn't seen to find the owner!but yayay find cha!and she is freaking Gorgouse!
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I love her she is so pretty
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HeilosProfessional General Artist
Thank you! :)
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You're welcome
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You know, it's interesting. I have it in my mind that there's actually a very big difference between the force of Harmony & the force of Order.

Order, to me, is where everything has a place & everything is IN it's place. Nothing is unaccounted for & the structure is so stiff & rigid that it's unbending & uncompromising. It's when everything is so tightly under control that nothing goes wrong, ever. It hates chaos, because it breaks order.

Harmony, though, is more like the concept of balance where all is taken into account, even chaos. Whereas Order tries to oust Chaos entirely & becomes angry when it rears its head, Harmony acknowledges it & finds ways to work with or around it. It's structured, but more naturally so, thus it bends much more readily. It moves where it needs to BECAUSE it needs to rather than digging its heels into the ground due to obstinance.

In my mind, Order is Chaos' opposite, not Harmony. So, I can definitely see this Harmony character as something more of a calm, graceful, kind, even zen figure. I'd call her a mother figure that doesn't think in terms of good & evil, but rather 'will this help' or 'will this hurt.' A type of figure who's long haul & big picture inspired because she has the patience of... Well, a tree.
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Oh yes I'm sure she would hold a great resentment towards Discord for nearly strangling her to death like that. Who can blame her, though? Last time she was aware, Discord was a bit of a butt. Now, he's... well, still kind of a butt, but not really a mean butt.
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SpiceTheEeveeGoddessHobbyist Artist
anyway  it's amazing
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SpiceTheEeveeGoddessHobbyist Artist
wait is this a mary sue
eh screw it everything is a marry sue... its modern times so blehh
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SlushSheHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, her horn looks like a fork XD

Awesome piece btw ^v^
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MyLilPlanetHobbyist Traditional Artist
she's sooooo beautiful <3 *-*
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angeline3333Student Digital Artist
so beautiful <3
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lexateaHobbyist General Artist
This is absolute gorgeous! She is such a beautiful character! ^^
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HeilosProfessional General Artist
Thank you!
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