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x2ico [ Image to ICO converter ]

By heilnizar
    Image to ICO converter.

Key Features:
    • Supported file types are PNG,JPG,JPEG,BMP,TIF,TIFF and GIF.
    • Drag & drop, files, folders or both.
    • Command-line support.
    • Optional shell context menu integration.
    • Update-able.
    • Portable.
    • Supported Windows OS: XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

    • Direct download links:…
    • All my applications are packed and might get false-positive flag.
    • For bugs and suggestion send me an e-mail, can be found in the help file.
    • Free to use.
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Awesome program. I wonder if it can be linked to photoshop as a plug-in...
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After a while, I return to thank you again for this wonderful program.
It's perfect.
I upgraded my system to windows 8 and everything goes perfectly now, I can't be happier!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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Glad to hear that :)
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what if you drag images of different size on it? will it create the matching formats inside the ico file then?
heilnizar's avatar
Why don't you try?
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Because I can simply use IcoFX then. Lol
this is a great little gem, but for some reason the 256x256 size icon only gets created as 256 colour palette.    anyone else experiencing this?
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Will look into it, an update is on the way.
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The best Icon Tool ever! I Love it :)
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First of all, great app!!!
I've been using it a lot but I realized today that no longer works.
I mean, when I drop one single .png image, I get an error message saying that was impossible to convert.
Specifically: acces denied. Then I run the app like admin but with no effect, because when I drop files nothing happens.
Which may be the problem? (W7, 64 bits)

Anyway, thank you in advance!
BitDefender says it has a virus - Trojan Generic KD 869622
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After Unzipping..I get Windows Can't Open this file .Exe_ :(
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That's because you need to rename x2ico.exe_ to x2ico.exe :P
DeviantArt doesn't allow zipped executables because some users(Social rejects) started uploading viruses etc.
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Using this in my project now, thank you

I do have one request tho, When I input a 96x96 sized icon and I only have 256x256 ticked, it's not outputting anything at all, would be great if the automated method would just make the .ico with the max size possible from the input or have a switch that will auto scale it if you'd prefer.

Thanks heaps for thinking of the many uses this could have and making silent methods and output to source folder etc etc, great work!

Let me know if you add a fix for the sizing via a PM or I'll just check back here for updates from time to time with hopefulness :D
heilnizar's avatar
Never thought someone might want it! But will add an option to upscale the frame for sizes bigger than the image in the next release :)
Wonder why you didn't send me a private note about it!
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THANK YOU, I have big plans for this and you just saved me hours of messing about
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Glad you like it :)
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Super useful!
From the portability to the command line support, I love it all.

On Google Code it's licensed under GPL v3, but I can't find its source code.
Here on DeviantArt it's licensed under CC by-ND v3, so that's interesting too.

Good work, this is going to save me a lot of time.
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Thanks for the nice comment :)
My apps are no longer open source, and I hardly use Google Code anymore.
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As I said... It's perfect!
Just a few clicks and I get my png files converted to ICO and moved to the folder I want
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Im happy you like it :)
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