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PlaybackDevice [ Audio Output Switch ]

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By heilnizar   |   
Published: February 17, 2012
    Playback device switch.

Key Features:
    • Cycle through audio playback devices.
    • Command-line support.
    • Customizable.
    • Update-able.
    • Portable.

    • Direct download links: [link] [link]
    • All my applications are packed and might get false-positive flag.
    • For bugs and suggestion send me an e-mail, can be found in the help file.
    • Free to use.
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Haw it's work ?!
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This is great! It works perfectly! :)
Would you mind sharing the source code? I'm just learning programming and I want to learn how you did this! 
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Sharing my code is not possible because I would have to share all my code library and not just the code for this app.
Don't worry, I'm a safe old school coder :)
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Works perfectly on Win 8.1 64 bits, thank you !!
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I really love this tool ;) works without problems and is so easy to handle..
But one question : Can somebody create the same tool for the "Skype-Audio-Device" to switch the Output-Device ? :D
Would be very helpful too :)
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Glad you like it :)

If you set Skype to use default output this will do.
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Thx for your answer..

But i really want a tool that can do this work automatically for me :)
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vangorfHobbyist Interface Designer
ty man))))
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Really really helpful :)
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Thank you very much! 
This app I was looking for a year and finally found it! 
And the respect for the opportunity to change the icons!
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Im glad you like it :)
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Forgot to mention that its awesome that you complied this to use easy to understand commandline parameters and the icons are a nice touch. For me though the usage as commandline only for AHK and task scheduler is the main purpose!

Thanks again!
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I only do the eye-candy work, dirty work is done by EndpointController.exe, so might use just that if you want.
PlaybackDevice.exe only cycles through devices count set in the ini and exits.
Updater runs once a day to check for new version, if available it will prompt for an update.

Your welcome :)
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I've done just that. I removed the PlaybackDevice.exe and Updater.exe and just using the endpointcontroller.exe as commandline.

I shouldn't see any errors from task scheduler or anything by taking the updater.exe away right? Thanks again!
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After extraction. What is the "PlaybackDevice.exe" file used for why commandline only needs the ".\Res\EndpointController.exe" executable.

Also when does the Updater.exe get called? Thanks!
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Just what I needed, thanks
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This is great! Exactly what I've searched for and a bit more. It works perfect.
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