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FatBattery [ Battery Status Monitor ]

    • Monitor battery status.
    • Desktop gadget.
    • Sound and/or image alert on user-defined power level.
    • Supports custom styles and sounds.
    • Tray click for full power status report.
    • Update-able.
    • Portable.

Images Included

    • For bugs and suggestions, send me a note.
    • Free to use.
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Thx, exactly what I was looking for.
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This app is actually no longer being developed, instead I rewrote it under a different name which I just need to release when I have time.
Glad you liked it anyway :)
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I am still using it, been 1 year already (from post date). Perfection needs no update :)
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Thanks for the feedback :)
Actually I rewrote this application a while ago, it's now more simplified. Just no time to upload :D
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thank you for sharing....
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This is created in AHK_L right?
Would you mind if i request the source code script(s) for this program?
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Sorry, my apps are no longer open source.
You can write your own, most of the functions I used are on the forum.
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Very Good App , add more skins and sound!!! :) ;) :P
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