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Snape and candies

Do you remember the scene that Harry, Ron and Hermione fight a Troll off. (from Harry Potter and philosopher's stone)
Most of professors, include Snape, came at the restroom.
In Korean translation verstion, Snape stops giving Slytherin students some candies in his dormitory and goes there,

I heard this part is translator's mistake! yes, it must be!
but I don't know original sentence… I wonder lol.
Anyway, it's really fun and cute! So I drew it :)

(I'm worrying about my description... sorry for my poor EnglishT_T)

hey guys! this is the original quote from Harry Potter. can i write some sentences on here? if not, i'll delete.

"Well -- in that case..." said Professor McGonagall, staring at the three of them, "Miss Granger, you foolish girl, how could you think of tackling a mountain troll on your own?"

Hermione hung her head. Harry was speechless. Hermione was the last person to do anything against the rules, and here she was, pretending she had, to get them out of trouble. It was as if Snape had started handing out sweets.

oh my gosh lol. i don't understand why translator did mistake.
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It's probably poisoned. 
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Ah yes, the joys of miscommunication.^^
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XD I just finished Sorcerors Stone and I nearly laughed in class at the thought!
You're an amazing artist and that is really funny. In the German translation they play (I think) Exploding Snape instead of Exploding Snap. I don't know if anyone has drawn that. Anyway, I think this is brilliant and your art is amazing.
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reallllllllllyyyy cute
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amazing!!!! and haha that is so funny
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wow thank you for your comment!
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Aw, the picture is so cute.

And the translation error is epic.
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yea i think so too lol!!
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It wasn't in the Polish translation... :worry:
But this is awesome! =D
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Lovely!!!! You're a great artist!!!!
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I am touched :heart: thanks
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this is so prime!! awesome!! and i love the description in the korean version it made me laugh
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yes it was a very cute mistake :love:
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awww I kinda did that a bit for halloween =3 (even cosplaying snape ^^)
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wow!! you handed out candies to... Slytherins? XD kidding.
i saw your cosplaying pics. awesome!!!
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nah just to a few kids in general xD

and then I went Trick or treating, and then I wished I wore a nametag or something cuz apparently I was "creepy" but otherwise unrecognizable TT^TT
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I believe it is suppose to say something about Professor Snape leaving the forbidden third floor corridor to go there
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haha it could be!! i found the original quote /joy
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