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.:Making Chii Ears Tutorial:.

:iconceira-hikari: and :iconmelonbomb: had both requested me to make them a pair of Chii (Chobits) ears and although I really shouldn't have, I made them this weekend because....well just overly sick of work and everything already XD
Also thought I'd post the tutorial first, it's long but to be honest it's really easy to make them :3
Tutorial, pictures and finished product (c) :iconheilei:
Chii (c) Chobits people

ALSO If you use this tutorial, could you possibly link it back here and also leave a link to your finished work? I'd like to see the results of your effort :3
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Oooh... thank you for this tutorial!
heilei's avatar
You're welcome xD
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Can I make one by using foam sheets and felt?
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Personally I don't see why not, give it a go and link me to the results!
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Sorry for the incredibly late reply (heilei here)

But you should be able to do it with foam and felt xD
subz-kun's avatar
Thanks. I've made the ears, and all I have to do is add more support onto the back and put them on a headband. :D

(Whenever I cosplay, I always feel like a girl. Deidara- makeup, wig, eyeliner, ponytail on the wig. Reika- pink ribbon and headband) >w<
Nidhogg10's avatar
Hurrah! xD

Aaah fun no?
Noranu-chan's avatar
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Haha thanks XD
Noranu-chan's avatar
no problem. and very much so ~
SewLolita's avatar
cute model :) (i know, not what i'm meant to be looking at, but...)
heilei's avatar
Aww :blush: Thank ya! <D
camilleartist132's avatar
awww,you look so cute:hug:
heilei's avatar
Aww thankx chappy :rofl:
versusworld's avatar
oeh oeh oeh niiiiiice!!
yeeeh for your tutorials :glomp:
just to bad, I'm like missing half of the stuff to make them T^T
and I suck with a sowing machine too :P
heilei's avatar
Hurrah! :D
Thank ya! And the stuff should be relatively easy to find...although I can't really say anything because I only live down the street from the shop
And you can't suck with a sewing machine! You just sew in a manner that's a tangent from the orthodox methods which is therefore correct still! XD
versusworld's avatar
yeah well, where I live....oh well....we call it a hole in the ground for a reason :XD:
heilei's avatar
Ahhhh, it can't be that bad though! XD
versusworld's avatar
ok ok I was overdoing it :XD:
but still where I live is but a village :XD:
Luluart93's avatar
cool tut !! ;D
heilei's avatar
Why thank you! :D
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