<< What's a hurdle you've encountered with your art, and what steps did you take to overcome it? >>

I enjoy writing, but don't consider myself a writer. That said, when I've encountered a hurdle in my writing process, it's usually at the beginning. I have a very linear writing style and hate having to write the middle or end of something before I've established a strong beginning. To get over that, I just go and power through the start, even if it nags at me. That way I can continue to think through it, even as I've moved on to subsequent sections, instead of being stuck. Easier said than done -- it's taken me a long time to make that change.

What's a hurdle that you've encountered with your art?

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By Heidi
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ScrubHimeArtProfessional Digital Artist

I often psych myself out looking at where I want my art to be and where it is, and I cause a kind of artblock and inability to finish anything by doing that. Every time that happens I break out by drawing something so silly I don't care how it's going to turn out, usually it's a crazy random prompt from my friends/streams.

With writing I too am super linear! I started forcing myself to put placeholders in like [and then something happens that causes x,y,z] or [research x,y,z and come back] and just move on to the next part where I know what I want to write. It's helped me a lot in both fiction writing and writing for other purposes.

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CapnDeek373Professional General Artist

Getting paint onto canvas. Most of the stuff I’ve been doing has been pencil sketches, then inked digitally, photomanips, and photography. I’ve had this thing sketched and ready to go on canvas in acrylics, but still haven’t gotten it done....

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I think I have the same hurdle you got, but I don't think I've done anything about it...except complain. :depressed:

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SlytherclawPadawanProfessional General Artist

Ever since my personal breakthrough 3+ years ago thankfully I've never encountered any art block, the only 'hurdle' I've got nowadays is to find the time and energy to do / execute all ideas & projects I've got planned, huehh! :faint:

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kaisernero121 Digital Artist

I had a few artblocks since I started creating but there was nothing specific I could do to overcome it - I just sat it out. If I had to mention one thing that helped me a bit during this phase, I would say reading books - that fuels my phantasy the most! :)

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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer

This is a great tactic and I'm going to add it to my arsenal! I tend to overthink myself and get stuck making taking that first step because I'm so nervous I'm going to ruin it but your Nike Just Do It approach could be helpful!!!

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red2blazeHobbyist Digital Artist

Some time just run out of ideas, so run into movies or just take random topics from Wikipedia, or news, or random spots, till something just strike

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Hi, red2blaze.

I absolutely agree. Sometimes it just takes opening our eyes to the things around us to gain a fresh perspective.


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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist

My medium is about to die, thanks to Flash being deactivated and they haven't updated the stuff in years...

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That.. is.. rough. :|


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Gunnut51Hobbyist Artist

There's nothing I can do.

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