What job would you be terrible at?

Me: :elevator:

(Elevator Technician.)

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By Heidi
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RayseapokemonHobbyist General Artist

Any sort of model. I have scars and stretch marks all over my body.

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kaisernero121 Digital Artist

I guess comedian, I am so bad at telling jokes :D

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GeorgeXVIIProfessional Traditional Artist
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construction work, or plumbing.

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The job I'm wanting to do: Create my own media. :(

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SlytherclawPadawanProfessional General Artist


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spyedHobbyist General Artist

Unless you're an elevator technician in a glass elevator overlooking an aquarium.. OR inside of an elevator that goes into an aquarium.. you'd be pretty motivated to make sure the thing worked right. ;P

I couldn't do anything that involves the same routine every day.

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Fighting wars. I very likely couldn't summon the will to kill.

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nichtgraveyet Photographer

Guide dog. Too many distractions out and about :)

JIMENOPOLIXHobbyist General Artist

Basically any job that requires dangerous tools, fast pacing, electronic solutioning, and good memory.

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Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist

Emergency dispatcher/operator. I would be nervous and panic when people are screaming and/or dying. panic

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RTNightmareHobbyist General Artist

Customer service would murder me because a) interacting with people is very draining, b) I would need to stay on my feet which is bad because I have back and feet issues, and c) a lot of people are hard to interact with and I have little patience for bs.

That is why I love being online. If someone says something mean, I can back up and postpone replying until I’m more level headed. But if you’re face to face with people, that won’t happen. Customer service is a nightmare.

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Any that entails work. ;P

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TheSpiritOfSpiritsHobbyist Digital Artist

All of them. Literally all of them

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awesome43Hobbyist General Artist

House cleaning as a job would be horrible. I hate cleaning my own let alone other's :(

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Malintra-ShadowmoonHobbyist General Artist

So we have something in common. :)

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awesome43Hobbyist General Artist

We sure do. :) :hug:

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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer

Flight Attendant

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red2blazeHobbyist Digital Artist

Anything repetitive

Will drive me mad up the wall and beyond

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MidnightExigentHobbyist Digital Artist

Customer service.

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humblehillsHobbyist Artist

Starbucks barista. Too much pressure.

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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer

I see what you did there.

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AcerbicalProfessional General Artist

Anything to do with food. :( I would end up eating everything out.

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